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Minor Details Which The Press Forgot To Discuss When Vetting Obama

The Chicago Tribune says that Obama’s father was not an American, and that his mother was a communist. “Naivete” is a euphemism for Ann Dunham’s motivation. Friends describe her as a “fellow traveler”, that is, a communist sympathizer, from her … Continue reading

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If You Like Your Tea-Baggers, You Can Keep Your Tea-Baggers

Obama says he defends the rights of flat earth bitter tea-baggers who cling to guns and religion, whom he doesn’t have time to debate and he hopes none work for the government. Obama Refers to Tea Party Members as ‘Tea-baggers’

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A Year After Sandy Hook

It has been almost a year since Sandy Hook, and Obama has done nothing to promote school security. I also haven’t heard anything about him putting a “gun-free zone” sign up on his daughter’s school.

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We Are The Champions …..

Colorado was the only state in 2007 with less than 20% adult obesity. Happy Thanksgiving! Watch America get fatter by state over 25 years

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Understanding Obama’s Monetary Policy

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Government Releases Crime Map For The US

In an effort to protect tourists from violent crime, the State Department has released the following map. They advise tourists to stay away from any county which voted for Obama (blue) and particularly precincts which voted 80+% for Obama.

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My Personal Story Of Warm Climate Survival

After driving down a snow and ice covered I-25 last week with dozens of cars in the ditch, I made it to the airport and left the safe climate of Colorado to travel to the tropical hell pictured below. Note … Continue reading

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Solyndra To Keep Minnesotans Warm Next Week

Without global warming, temperatures would be -25.4ºC . International Falls, MN Weather Forecast from Weather Underground

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A Tale Of Two Arctics

The Arctic which meteorologists refer to, is a very cold place which frequently sends frigid air down across North America, Europe and Asia. Climatologists frequently refer to a very different Arctic. Their Arctic is a virtual place full of melting … Continue reading

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