Gaia Sends Katherine Another Christmas Present

One of our two favorite evangelical Christian climate liars was treated to a record early snowfall last week, and next she gets record cold.

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25 Responses to Gaia Sends Katherine Another Christmas Present

  1. gator69 says:

    I’m hoping Santa leaves coal in her stockings.

  2. Andy DC says:

    After a cold November, much of the US is going to see bitter cold and lots of snow during the first 10 days of December. Same with Europe. But of course, as alamists tell us, a cooling planet is entirely consistent with a warming planet.

    • X says:

      … were “consistent” is a completely meaningless word.
      According to the latest models it can be reinvented using “reanalysis”.

  3. bobmaginnis says:

    Nobody said that a couple degrees warming would end variation, which for December San Antonio:

    Click to access satdecdaily.pdf

  4. NomoreGore says:

    She’s no conservative. She’s a flaming socialist like the rest of them.

  5. Andy Oz says:

    I don’t criticise anyone for their religious beliefs, except those who insist on killing unbelievers. But scientific “beliefs” are free game. And hers are crap.
    Luckily we live in country’s with freedom of speech where you can say that.
    Katherine is the new Julia Gillard. Mentally lost and misguided.
    But her saviour, Obama will save us all from CO2.

  6. gofer says:

    As we assume Ms. Hayhoe believes in creation, she apparently is accusing God of a bad planet design. As a byproduct of human prosperity, CO2 is emitted and the planet just wasn’t designed to handle human prosperity. It was only made for people to remain poor and all that oil and coal was just put there to tempt humans. They could use some of it but if they tried to prosper too much then the planet would be destroyed by the excess CO2. Ms. Hayhoe is accusing God of incompetence or else she somehow equates being poor to being righteous which contradicts the statement, “I wish above all things that you prosper….”

  7. Justa Joe says:

    Katy the climate groupie

    Mikey is blazing the way through very very uncertain times. In fact all there is is uncertainty in the field of peddling climate alarmism.

    • Traitor In Chief says:

      I think you’ve got something there with that Groupie idea…. she’s pandering to them.
      Looking for approval/confirmation/reciprocation?

      • Justa Joe says:

        I find it amusing that Katy hero worships those two chinless wonders.

        Katy’s looking like the Squeaky Fromme of the Climate Crowd. She better be careful though. Kari Norgaard might get jealous.

  8. Scarface says:

    I have never been able to understand why any Christian would believe the sealevel would rise dramatically, since The Good Lord promised to never flood the earth again, the rainbow being a sign of that promise.

    • gator69 says:

      Even harder to swallow as a Christian, carbon, and worse yet carbon dioxide being pollution. How could He do this to us! 😉

    • Andy Oz says:

      No no no. We are at the end of times and the four horsemen of the Apocalypse are due anytime now. All Climate Christians know that. They are the ultimate Preppers.
      “The Carbonist Church of St Michael and St James needs your help. Send anything you can. Even the smallest donation will help little Tuvaluans to survive the inevitable flood.
      Call now on 1 666 CAR BON. If the lines are busy, we’ll return your call asap.”

  9. LOL!!
    “Climate of Gavin”

    Does he think he’s God or something?

  10. rw says:

    My God. (seriously) If anyone has played the part of Climate Liar to the hilt, it’s Michael Mann. This should be perfectly obvious to everybody else by now, no matter what their views are on AGW.

    This is the kind of thing that gives the game away, this living-in-a-parallel-universe, where nothing intrudes on the received doctrine. It’s sort of like the Truman Show without the dome.

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