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Dana’s Dirty Little Secret

Dana works for an oil and gas company, and writes articles for The Guardian implicitly attacking coal. Dana Nuccitelli | LinkedIn Tetra Tech Expands Services to Shale Oil Market with Rooney Engineering Acquisition Quite remarkable that he doesn’t disclose this … Continue reading

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Whom Do You Trust?

73% of climatologists say that the climate is heating out of control. 97% of meteorologists say that we are about to freeze our asses off. 10-Day Temperature Outlook for the Conterminous U.S.

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After two months of hacking the healthcare.gov web site to make it less of a functional disaster, there can be little doubt that there has been essentially no consideration or testing of security. The only comfort that users have is … Continue reading

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New York Times Says That An Ice Age Is Inevitable


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Democrats Change Strategy

Democrats have switched their mantra from : Change you can believe in to : All politicians are liars Their hope is that they can foul everyone with the stench they have been making in their own bed over the last … Continue reading

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Nuttercelli : 37% Is The New 97%

Nuttercelli reviews a paper which reports 52% consensus, concludes that it equals 97%. How do meteorologists fit into the 97% global warming consensus? | Dana Nuccitelli | Environment | theguardian.com The paper he referred to reports 73% for climate scientists, … Continue reading

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“We Have To Lie To You About The Bill, So That You Don’t Find Out What Is In It”

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