Mann Made Climate Change

Before Mikey rewrote history, climate scientists actually did science.

In the opinion of M. Auguste   Bouchayer, scientist and engineer, there were no glaciers in Europe in   the Middle Ages. In a recent communication to the Dauphine Scientific Society, he submits the conclusion that since the Middle Ages there has been a considerable fall in the maximum summer temperature. Consequently winter snows  and ice accumulations which were  formerly melted in summer are no longer dissipated.

Kalgoorlie Miner 14 August 1929

ScreenHunter_220 Dec. 02 04.35


h/t to Ivan


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3 Responses to Mann Made Climate Change

  1. Piltdown Mann and cult of warm, a return to the neolithic worship of Gaia – how ‘scientific’. $185 bn over 20 years handed out to these quackitists and their nonsense.

  2. Mike Mangan says:

    This was fun. I bust Mann using a sock puppet to review “The Hockey Stick Illusion” on Amazon…

    Email me if you want the deleted post forwarded.

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