Climate Change In Colorado Over The Past Century

One hundred years ago :

ScreenHunter_280 Dec. 03 06.02

 6000 Feet/Northwest Weld County, Colorado | Weather Underground

And today :

ScreenHunter_281 Dec. 03 06.03

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3 Responses to Climate Change In Colorado Over The Past Century

  1. Tom Bakert says:

    Yes, Steve. But if you measured the temperature of the snow you would find that it is 0.8 C warmer than it was in 1913. /sarc

  2. R. de Haan says:

    Right, your observation confirms the (my) view that there are ample variations in the weather we observe.

    Everything is within “normal” parameters.

    However there has been a quick step change around 1850 when the Little Ice Age came to an end and we observed a quick retreat of the glaciers.
    Interestingly enough this coincides with the Carrington Event of September 1858 when a massive solar magnetic eruption hit the earth and solar magnetic activity ramped up.

    The sun is responsible for our weather and therefore our climate. Period.

    The world’s climate has been cyclical over the passed 4 ice ages and there is absolutely nothing humanity can do to influence this process.

    The cyclical variability that brings ice ages and short lived inter glacial periods come like clockwork and have a direct link between the variation in the relative position from our planet in relationship to our sun (Milankovitch).

    The fact that we have ice at the Poles and Greenland tells us we are descending into the next ice age already.

    What is interesting to mention is the graph that shows the concentration of particulates in the Vostok Ice Core.
    The red graph shows clear spikes in volcanic activity during the coldest periods of the record followed by a rise in temperatures.

    That makes up a fascinating picture where gigantic forces, much bigger than the combined influence of human civilization, affect our planet.

    The influence of human civilization is nothing more but a fly on the ass of donkey and with this established reality we can only smile at the folly of the snake oil sales men who want us to believe that humanity or more specific “our life style” is responsible for climate change and that our sun is a non variable energy source claiming that the TSI (Total Solar Irradiance) is constant.

    What is really bothering me is that the entire bunch of crooks screwing up our scientific legacy and our civilization is funded with tax money.

    • Billy Liar says:

      I suggest that the particulate spikes during the glacial periods in the last 400,000 years are due to windblown dust as a result of the atmosphere being very dry. Volcanic activity may play a part but why should volcanic activity increase because it’s cold?

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