Interpol Needs BOM’s New Colored Crayon For South Africa Murder Rates

If you lived 100 years in South Africa, your odds of being murdered are greater than one in ten.

ScreenHunter_364 Dec. 05 22.58

Crime in South Africa: Small mercies | The Economist

I’m guessing that not many people live to be 100 years old in South Africa

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16 Responses to Interpol Needs BOM’s New Colored Crayon For South Africa Murder Rates

  1. anthonyvioli says:

    Speaking of the BOM, here’s a nice graph you might want to put up Steve.

    Imagine using the correct baseline??

    • Andy Oz says:

      Inconvenient truth. Meanwhile in Perth, we are having a beautiful start to summer.
      Victorians will be jealous as!! πŸ˜€

  2. Ivan says:

    Interesting that gun-free Swedenabad has such a high rate.

  3. Andy Oz says:

    We got it wrong. The BOM must have been talking about heavy metal band Deep Purple! Since it is snowing this week in the Victorian alps, many Australians are actually going deep purple from the unseasonal freezing cold. πŸ˜€

  4. Ulrich Elkmann says:

    This dreadful Anglo ignorance of matters beyond your purview is a grave threat to intercultural understanding & tolerance!
    “Swedenabad” would refer to a city, i.e. Stockholm (which, btw, does contribute heavily to the statistics). Since this concerns the country as a whole, it should be “Swedistan”

    • gator69 says:

      So you are stating it is a cultural problem, and not a gun problem. That might explain a thing or million.

    • Ivan says:

      Sorry – I mean to say Islamberg – the city formerly known as Malmo.

    • methylamine says:

      ROFL! Excellent thanks for that Ivan.
      Of course now I’ll end all further discussion, and win the argument. Ready?
      See, discourse is so much easier that way πŸ™‚

  5. lorne50 says:

    Geese us Canucks didn’t make this list again. :>)

    • GoneWithTheWind says:

      Canada looks pretty good but if you look at specific cities and provinces the picture is not so pretty. Saskatchewan has a homicide rate about the same as the U.S. and Winnipeg has been the murder capitol of Canada 16 years in a row. Also some of the Northern territories are worse if you only count the residents and exclude those who live elsewhere but live there part time to work.
      Interestingly 1/3rd of Canada’s homicides are by knife which I guess proves either that guns don’t kill people, people do OR it proves knives should be outlawed. ABout 2/3rds of Canada’s homicides are commited with guns and most of those are illegal handguns, which just proves gun control only stops the honest people from owning guns.

  6. Bob Knows says:

    All the anti-white racists are having an orgy of celebration for Mandela and the destruction of South Africa as the leading economy of Africa. Their racist political agendas have led to the deaths of hundreds of thousands, destroyed the economy, and turned SA homes into armed compounds. All the radical left (anti-white racist PC) medial heads applaud their success.

  7. methylamine says:

    But, I thought Mandela brought Utopian Socialist Peace to South Africa?
    I’m so glad my parents moved us from Johannesburg to Texas when I was young.
    Ironically, I’m now considering moving my children from Texas to Chile…and at the same ages.

  8. ra1ndog says:

    Of course the crime rate is so high. It’s caused by global warming!

  9. kuhnkat says:


    thanks for posting the REAL ode to Mandela.

  10. Streetcred says:

    My grandmother will be 100 in 2 weeks time … she’s been a survivor in RSA !

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