Leading Climate Scientists In 1981 : America Will Be “Begging For International Crumbs “

Sarasota Herald-Tribune – Aug 16, 1981

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11 Responses to Leading Climate Scientists In 1981 : America Will Be “Begging For International Crumbs “

  1. It would be great to have a catalog of similar predictions. That would piss them off.

  2. Bill says:

    Luckily the global dimming from aerosols from coal EXACTLY balanced out the GW from CO2 and nothing out of the ordinary has happened.

  3. Psalmon says:

    He also claimed somewhere that the impact would be greatest at the poles, up to 20 degrees. Coldest Summer this year in the Arctic on record according to DMI. Madman.

  4. Organic Fool says:

    Record volcanic eruptions in 2013 could contribute to global cooling

    83 so far this year as of Dec. 5

    “If volcanic activity continues to increase, and there is an eruption big enough to send millions of tons of ash and dust into the upper layers of the atmosphere, then the Earth’s temperature would likely drop at least a degree or two from present levels. This happened in June of 1991 when Mount Pinatubo exploded in the Philippines. For the following year, the Earth’s temperature dropped about 1-2 degrees before recovering several years later.”

    • tom0mason says:

      Good and all natural, none of that evil human stuff.

    • X says:

      Interesting, thanks, but there is not a word in the article about the total VEI of the eruptions.
      According to wikipedia, the 2011 eruption of Grimsvotn was “at least VEI 4”
      It was an impressive eruption, but it’d have to be *100 times bigger* to match the intensity of Pinatubo
      Therefore, considering that the present eruptions don’t match the power of Grimsvotn in 2011, the number 83 is impressive (especially considering that it seems to be increasing recently) but the total intensity would still be much lower than a large one.
      The climate impact of many eruptions can be considerable though if they are persistent. I’ve read somewhere that depending on the frequency of small eruptions there *could be* a cumulative effect.
      I’ll try to find the link and post here later.

    • X says:

      ”… They looked at the June 2011 eruption of the Nabro volcano in Eritrea in northeast Africa. Wind carried the volcanic gas and aerosol — minute droplets of sulfuric acid — into the path of the annual Asian summer monsoon… the monsoon lofted volcanic gas and the lighter liquid droplets into the stratosphere where they were detected by the Canadian Space Agency’s OSIRIS instrument aboard the Swedish satellite Odin.
      The Nabro volcano caused the largest stratospheric aerosol load ever recorded by OSIRIS in its more than 10 years of flight …”

      This suggests that persistent smaller eruptions could have an important effect on climate under favorable conditions of air circulation. If these eruptions are numerous and distributed over a large part of the world, the chances of such favorable conditions would increase and we could have important cooling effects even if the total VEI is not very large.

  5. Justa Joe says:

    ” America Will Be “Begging For International Crumbs “

    These SOB’s were giddy with anti-American fantasies… too bad

  6. David A says:

    ” America Will Be “Begging For International Crumbs “ Even if their alarmist fantasy came true, (and they never do) Inexpensive energy, and third generation nuclear, could provide all the irrigation water this nation needs. Abundant energy is the solution, to problems real and imagined. The money wasted on CO2 infatuated statist wet dreams, could have provided all the infrastructure needed to prevent the harm from any such eventuality.

  7. unadvisable says:

    with the increased heat and the additional water introduced to the system with the melting ice-caps, my consideration is that it would be as likely to go tropical and the presumption of desertification is in itself alarmist and betrays the unrealistic nature of these lies. what you don’t ask, what’s the real agenda from these enviro-humanist-hippy-pfreaks?

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