Most Climate Scientists Believe That Climate Change Discussion Is Driven Largely By Politics

A survey of climate scientists by Hans von Storch, found that most believe that the discussion of climate change is driven largely by politics, and that climate change presents opportunities for economic growth. 

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Here are some of the comments from the scientists.

Climate change science has been captured by radicals dependent upon public money, press releases, and those who illegal change, hide, or purposely misinterpred real data. The ‘hockey stick’ is a good example.

Climate science has become too politicized, and the fault lies with the climate scientists themselves who have oversold the case for anthropogenic warming without due consideration of other factors. But maybe, the IPCC mandate and money for research have been the initiating drivers.

High profile scientific journals are heavily biased towards anthropogenic climate change, publishing mediocre papers showing anthropogenic changes and rejecting many high quality papers that attribute changes to natural causes.

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5 Responses to Most Climate Scientists Believe That Climate Change Discussion Is Driven Largely By Politics

  1. Andy DC says:

    Who would have ever guessed?

  2. Their opinions are all worthless. Sorry, but “oversold the case for anthropogenic warming” just doesn’t count, in my book, as evidence of any basic scientific competence breaking out among them.

  3. Andrew Williams says:

    I was talking to a scientific advisor to a DEFRA (UK dept environment food & rural affairs) minister.
    He is disgusted by the scientific papers that he reads. The papers are riddled with exaggerations & doom mongering. All in the aim of gaining funding from government. The louder they shout in the summaries or conclusions, the bits the media read, the more money they think they can get. These papers have nothing to do with AGW or climate, I cannot say what they refer to, as it may cause trouble, but it shows how the rot has spread.

  4. Question 7 on attribution. 65% of climate scientists have increased confidence that the 2007 IPCC report is correct, even though there has been no measurable increase in warming since. Only 11% have decreased their confidence level…

    Another interesting observation is that most climate scientists express high confidence in the accuracy of climate models but low confidence in the understanding of many of the critical processes that make up climate model calculations.

    The also forgot to include the question: How confident would you be in keeping your job if you declined to be over confident in the claims made in your field?

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