World’s Greatest Climatologist Forecast Five Degrees Warming By 2010

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Sarasota Herald-Tribune – Google News Archive Search

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3 Responses to World’s Greatest Climatologist Forecast Five Degrees Warming By 2010

  1. Psalmon says:

    I also liked Andrew Maguire’s prediction of 4.5 feet of sea level rise by 2030’s. So far: 0.26 feet averaging NJ coast tide guage and satellite reads. Data shows a slow steady rise so 2030s on track for < 0.5 feet, only 4 feet off! Reportedly AM may run again for Congress in Northern NJ (served in late 70s). No joke. Hopefully the incumbent points this oracle out. Don't think northern NJ voters would prefer to heat homes with solar or wind, and manually shovel snow.

  2. Chas says:

    Hansen will go down as our Lysenko.

    • tom0mason says:

      Hopefully with the same method!

      In 1964, physicist Andrei Sakharov spoke out against Lysenko in the General Assembly of the Academy of Sciences:

      He is responsible for the shameful backwardness of Soviet biology and of genetics in particular, for the dissemination of pseudo-scientific views, for adventurism, for the degradation of learning, and for the defamation, firing, arrest, even death, of many genuine scientists.

      The Soviet press was soon filled with anti-Lysenkoite articles and appeals for the restoration of scientific methods to all fields of biology and agricultural science. In 1965 Lysenko was removed from his post as director of the Institute of Genetics at the Academy of Sciences ….. After Khrushchev’s dismissal in 1964, … Lysenko’s immunity to criticism had officially ended. An expert commission was sent to investigate records kept at Lysenko’s experimental farm. A few months later, a devastating critique of Lysenko was made public. As a result, Lysenko was immediately disgraced …

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