Trenberth’s Timing Is Impeccable

Temperatures at Trenberth’s Boulder office have remained below -15ºC for five consecutive days, so he publishes that it is hot at the bottom of the sea.

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An apparent hiatus in global warming? – Trenberth – 2013 – Earth’s Future – Wiley Online Library

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20 Responses to Trenberth’s Timing Is Impeccable

  1. GeologyJim says:

    It was very disappointing to read Judith Curry’s comment on Trenberth-Fasullo –

    “It is good to see mainstream climate scientists taking the hiatus seriously (unlike the IPCC). This paper is well worth reading, it is very readable and written for a broad audience.”

    From the abstract, this is just another iteration of Kevin’s “The dog ate my homework” excuse

  2. Sean says:

    I guess its time to remind anyone reading this abstract how much temperature change there has been over the last 50 years in the deep oceans, 0.07C in total. Also they need to be reminded that there has been decent sampling of the temperatures in the deep oceans for the last 10 years and most of the heating in the deep oceans supposedly took place before the turn of the century. Finally, the thermometers they are relying on for this conclusion are only accurate to 0.1C. Overall, since Kevin Trenberth is nearly 70, he will likely be able to use the hidden ocean heat excuse until the end of his professional career and perhaps through the end of his life and may avoid having to explain the cooling that will take place when both the AMO and PDO are in their cold states together and the reduced state of solar activity has brought temperatures down substantially. There will be a new set of scientists to sell a new set of fears to the world then but always trying to explain the climate roller coaster with their linear rulers.

  3. Jimmy Haigh says:

    … so keep that grant money a rollin’ in…

  4. mkelly says:

    Heat below 700 meters cause a change in surface winds!? I guess I understand nothing about heat and the need to be in touch or eye sight of the thing being heated or effected.

  5. GoneWithTheWind says:

    This fits the classic definition of denial.

  6. He says global warming went beyond the bounds of natural variability in the 1970’s. So, all that warming from 1908 to 1942 and from 1800 to 1860, even though it was bigger, was just natural variability?

    And the cooling that happened from 1998 to now was caused by warming.

    Moron = IQ from 60 to 80
    Imbecile = IQ from 40 to 60
    Idiot = IQ from 0 to 40
    Trenberth = IQ below 0

  7. Big Jeff says:

    Some stuff this CO2 – barely measurable amounts of it alter Physics. This missing heat has evolved into an intelligent life form (carbon-based?) and managed to dodge every thermometer in space, near space, the planet surface and dived into the ocean where it hides every time one of those funny little submarines sneaks past taking the temperature. Who would have thought that CO2 makes heat sink, not rise; back to the drawing board for the Montgolfier brothers’ hot air balloon.

  8. gator69 says:

    “That’s why it’s hotter
    Under the water
    Ya we in luck here
    Down in the muck here
    Under the sea”

    Ah, fairy tales!

  9. jck101 says:

    You can tell this is a quality scientific article because it uses the term denier then argues against the strawman.

  10. Rosco says:

    The problem with this BS is – why didn’t this phenomenon happen during the time of so-called obvious air temperature increases ?

    Surely it must have happened all the time and if so it would have been even more pronounced during obvious increasing temperature periods and been easily observable ?

    If it required anything more to convince me these people have no clue this argument fits the bill entirely.

    The heat is hiding until it gathers enough followers and then it springs out of the cold depths to fry us all ?

    Wouldn’t even make a “Z” class movie plot !

    • Andy Oz says:

      Camouflaged heat exploding out of the deep oceans!
      Shame that a few alarmists didn’t have front row seats to say “I told you so!”

  11. If I follow this correctly, the PDO switch now causes all the warming to go the bottom of the ocean, so the atmosphere should start warming again gradually sometime around 2030-2040. How, then, is this extremely gradual warming a bad thing?

  12. tom0mason says:

    So the natural system, upon which we depend, is incapable of coping with a variation of 0.5-1 Wm-2.
    Sorry but that is a preposterous assertion !

  13. John Benton says:

    I suppose that means Kevin’s grant money has run out again, and the coffers need filling with nice tax dollars. These people have no shame. Failed prediction after failed prediction, and yet they come back for more as if nothing has happened.

    Time to pension off this old fool. What was it he said in one of his infamous climategate emails about them all getting killed if all this CAGW nonsense turned out to be natural variability.

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