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If You Like Your Obamacare, You Can Keep Your Obamacare. Period.

Members of Congress shocked to discover health care system sucks

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America’s Most Famous Heisman Trophy Winner

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Gallup Poll Shows That 41% Of Americans Have Difficulty Thinking Clearly

Gallup Daily: Obama Job Approval

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Learning To Think Like A Progressive

Simply invert logic, and purge your brain of any rational thought. Then you are a full blown progressive. December 9, 2013 at 9:18 pm

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Ninety Years Ago, All Of The Glaciers In France Disappearing

Must have been the 310 PPM CO2. 26 Mar 1923 – ELECTRICITY FROM A GLACIER.

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1951 : All Of The World’s Glaciers Melting – Some Have Disappeared

Don’t scoff when you hear an old timer say: “Summers are hot- ter than they used to be.” This remark could once have been classed with “Stairs are steeper than they used to be,” and “Young people are wilder than … Continue reading

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NOAA Calls For A Warm Winter In The South

NOAA’s 2013-14 Winter Outlook Nov 21, 2013 warmer-than-average temperatures this winter are expected from the Desert Southwest into the Southern Plains and Deep South. NOAA’s 2013-14 Winter Outlook  Mild South – weather.com Save Money This Winter Two weeks later, the … Continue reading

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