10% Of Obama Voters Could Disappear In The Blink Of An Eye

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‘Imagine America Without Los Angeles’: Expert Warns Southern California Isn’t Ready For Major Quake « CBS Los Angeles


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10 Responses to 10% Of Obama Voters Could Disappear In The Blink Of An Eye

  1. Bob Greene says:

    The only way to prepare for a major earthquake along the San Andreas fault is to be somewhere else.

    • Californians are happily giving up their guns, so that they can become victims of gangs after the quake.

      • Eric Simpson says:

        Well, the state legislatures just passed a slew of gun control measures, most of which Jerry Brown signed, including outlawing leaded bullets. But, an outright ban on all semi-automatic rifles passed, and surprise, Brown vetoed it. Now over 40% of the CA’s population is Hispanic, and I’m thinking that Brown realized that a lot of Hispanics, though they pine for the redistributive $, actually like their guns. So, if Brown had passed that rifle ban, there may have been a wholesale backlash against Dems across the state, a bloodbath for the Dems much worse than what’s happened so far in CO.

        About LA, I read that in 1962 LA County was 8% Hispanic, and s of 2010 it was 48% Hispanic. It’s probably about 55% Hispanic now, soon to be 70%. In the state at large now there are more Hispanics than whites, and within 20 years CA as whole may also be 70% to 75% Hispanic, with the rest of country to follow. “Change.”

      • redc1c4 says:

        not all of us… 😉

  2. Andy Oz says:

    Are those “experts” the same ones who are predicting the end of the world with CO2? I’d prepare for them to be 100% wrong, and move out of Kalifornia immediately.

  3. philjourdan says:

    I lived there for 6 years. There is only one way to prepare for an earthquake (which unlike tornadoes or hurricanes are not foretold by darkening skies).

    learn to bend over and kiss your arse good bye.

    • Eric Simpson says:

      I know a woman that was in the ’64 Alaska 9.2 magnitude quake, living in the outskirts of Anchorage I think. The quake hit, and her husband said “earthquake,” and they gathered their small children up and went outside… wisely. On their lawn she could see the terrain flopping about like a sine wave, and I guess they were just rocking and rolling. It had been about a minute of that, and she determined that it wasn’t actually an earthquake at all, that things were just “shaking too much to be an earthquake,” and that instead it was in fact the biblical end of the world! Armageddon. Lol.

  4. Imagine an America where the very last Tron reboot has already been made. Imagine an America where ⅔ of our pornographic movie actresses simply don’t exist. Could you survive in that America?

  5. Bruce says:

    We already know the dead vote for Democrats in large numbers. If LA is submerged by an earthquake it just means the electoral officers will need scuba gear.

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