Trapped Mann-Made Heat Bringing Record Christmas Cold To The US

ScreenHunter_40 Dec. 11 19.30

10-Day Temperature Outlook for the Conterminous U.S.

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9 Responses to Trapped Mann-Made Heat Bringing Record Christmas Cold To The US

  1. squid2112 says:

    YIKES!! … That damn global warming strikes again! … ugh…

  2. Chewer says:

    Mother Nature provides the sweetest justice of all 😉
    The twisted and downright psychotic deceitful asswipes always end up losing, but unfortunately it’s after spreading massive hate, discontent and misery.

  3. I work with people that say “You see…global warming is making it so cold” I just give them a look of total disdain.

  4. Eric Simpson says:

    Cold! Phil Jones must be just hating life. I was just going through Tom Nelson’s archive of climategate emails, I recommend you do that looking for good quotes:
    Anyway, I find a Jan 2008 email where Phil Jones says: “I’d like the world to warm up quicker, but if it did, I know that the sensitivity is much higher and humanity would be in a real mess!” And surprise there was a comment by me on that Tom Nelson page, which was a replay of a comment I left here in Feb 2012. So, I replay the comment again:

    Email 3408, Phil Jones: “I’d like the world to warm up quicker.”
    This, in his own words, in his own email, shows that this is about something else than climate. There is no other interpretation, folks. The pretense is that the proposed severe CO2 cuts are to prevent warming, BUT he says he WANTS the world to warm. If the warming-caused disasters would be as disastrous as they keep Crying Wolf about, why would he want that??
    I have said that the climate loons are driven by a leftist ideology, a desire for de-industrialization. This all but proves it — certainly, the idea that they are driven by the hope of saving the world from warmth is belied by his own words. Don’t let anyone tell you it’s about the climate, because it’s not about climate. This is a sham, a fraud.

  5. stargazer says:

    Revenge is a dish best served cold…. So, throw a snowball at a warmer-mystic.

  6. TomC says:

    Looks like they need a new crayon

  7. Tel says:

    Well if the heat is trapped and can’t get out, of course everyone is cold.

    Let the heat run freeeee.


  8. pinroot says:

    Last year’s excuse was that the Arctic was ‘ice free’ so the cold air had to go south in search of a new home. What excuse will they use this year now that the Arctic [still] isn’t ‘ice free’?

  9. dave says:

    Maybe they will literally start teaching children that hot is cold and cold is hot? But then would it have to be all the global cooling causing the heat? Which is heat of course.

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