Obamacare Was Better Off When The Website Wasn’t Working

Health economists and insurance companies have warned that unless significant numbers of young adults enroll in the commercial plans being sold under the Affordable Care Act, the plans could be financially unsustainable.

In a more worrisome trend, Californians aged 45 to 64 accounted for 45,945 enrollees, or 58 percent of the total. They make up 25 percent of the population. There is concern that if older adults make up too much of the insurance pool, their often-higher medical claims will also threaten the plans.

Obamacare enrollment in California surges | Reuters

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7 Responses to Obamacare Was Better Off When The Website Wasn’t Working

  1. Robertv says:

    Explaining Obamacare for deaf people.

  2. Sean says:

    My goodness, does this mean older Americans with lots of assets will have to pay proportionately for the care they receive rather than charge off a portion of the bill to their kids? Shocking!!

    The real flaw in sticking it to young people is that hospitals have to provide acute care to those who need it and if a young person without assets (but a lot of student loans perhaps) gets hurt and it costs hundreds of thousands of dollars for treatment, bankruptcy court is an easy escape.

  3. Mike D says:

    To show how easily people are distracted by shiny bobbles, read the comments at Reuters. 1 million California policies were cancelled, covering well over 1 million people, and we’re to be happy with about 160,000 people enrolling in plans. If California meets the target, which the article doesn’t even specify, there will still be fewer people with coverage than before Obamacare.

    But of course, the net doesn’t matter, it is all about whatever can be attributed to the dear leader, regardless of how much it costs. If 100 million were thrown off, and 30 million signed back up, they’d be claiming that all the 30 million uninsured now had coverage.

  4. There is a simple moral from this story – Nothing in life is free.

    As for Sean’s point, in the UK (far from ideal I know) the concept is that you pay from the start when you are young (just as you with pensions) in the knowlege when you are old you can reclaim what you have paid in.

    Unfortunately you have to start somewhere. So the kids who voted Obama have to accept they will have to pay for their own old age, as well as their grandparents.

  5. darrylb says:

    Remember the first Ocare Amendment from the House contained two parts and it was quickly blasted out of the water by the Congress.1) delay enrollment for everyone
    (which may happen anyway) and the one which eliminates one of the worst cases
    of constitution abuse–
    2) Make sure congress is held to the same standards. The Supreme Court ruled that the OCARE ACT
    was a tax; By Constitution all taxation laws are to originate in the House. The executive branch can only execute the law, it cannot change the law– or so the constitution states.
    Our President has made a mockery of the constitution in many ways, this may be one of the worst!!!!!!!

  6. DJL says:

    I just got the notice that my employer provided health plan is non-grandfathered and will be canceled January 1st. We will be moved to a compliant health care plan, but no information on how much that is going to cost me. Were not being moved into the exchanges, but the ObamaCare small company disaster is just starting.

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