Shock News : Obama Lied About Fires Getting Worse

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Fire season tamer than expected; U.S. burn acreage far below average –

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12 Responses to Shock News : Obama Lied About Fires Getting Worse

  1. I’m too disgusted to even care to read the article. I doubt they made the obvious conclusion, concerning the fraudulent nature of the climate “debate”, that you made.

  2. B.C. says:

    It’s all that excess CO2 suppressing the fires. Everyone knows that fire extinguishers are just little versions of SUV engines.

  3. Don Allen says:

    Detailing the impact of hurricanes, floods, tornadoes, wildfires and sinkhole events that have occurred over the course of the year, CoreLogic released its annual Natural Hazard Risk Summary and Analysis. The report, which summarizes property and structure damage, geographic impact and financial repercussions of natural disasters, revealed that 2013 experienced a record low number of natural hazard events.

    “Many predicted that 2013 would be a record year of catastrophic destruction,” said Dr. Thomas Jeffery, senior principal scientist for CoreLogic. “The number of natural disasters that typically cause widespread destruction—mainly hurricanes, wildfires and tornadoes—were far less than anticipated and [were far less] compared to last year’s record-setting hazard seasons.”

    Despite the lows for hurricane, wildfire, and tornado destruction, however, the abnormal sinkhole activity garnered public attention.

    “Interestingly, one natural hazard that tends to receive very little attention took center stage in 2013, as three separate sinkhole catastrophes took place in Florida,” Jeffery noted. “Though massive damage and loss of life from sinkholes is uncommon, this year’s events were large enough to draw significant media coverage, raising public awareness of the true risk associated with this often-overlooked hazard.”

    The report analyzes the impact of disasters that have occurred throughout 2013 and also provides a summary of potential risk for the upcoming year.

    “Going into 2014, it’s important to remember that hazard driven property damage and loss can, and does, occur each year, and with the cynical nature of some of these events, this year should be considered a fair warning that next year will likely see a return to the higher average numbers and damaging natural disasters,” Jeffery said.

    • There was nothing record setting about last year’s weather. These people are completely full of shit.

    • tom0mason says:

      “The number of natural disasters that typically cause widespread destruction—mainly hurricanes, wildfires and tornadoes—were far less than anticipated and [were far less] compared to last year’s record-setting hazard seasons.”

      Really good news.
      Now make it better by convincing the insurers that my premium should go down.

  4. De Paus says:

    Again and again the warmists get a lot of publicity with their bogus claims. A lie, repeated often enough, will eventually be believed, even the liar himself will believe it. Nazi-leader Joseph Goebbels is supposed to have said this. Tornadoes and hurricanes have increased because of climate change. A lie, they have decreased. Polar ice is melting because of climate change and polar bears are drowning. A lie polar ice levels are returning very quickly to normal levels at the North Pole and have never been so high at the South Pole. Bush fires in Australia are “definitely” caused by climate change. A lie, now Australians are experiencing a very cold summer and this is kept out of the news. Island states in the Indian Ocean are drowning in the sea, a lie, they are building a new airport close to the sea, so they know themselves it is a lie.
    The newest propaganda is this: Climate Makes Refugees Out of Young Ghanaians
    This is a lie too, but as long as the climate realists do not proove it is a hoax, people will believe it.

  5. tom0mason says:

    It’s worse than you thought!
    Even more B.S. as Gore’s been doing the rounds and garnered this from WaPo –

    Al Gore urges Senate Democrats to act boldly on global warming…

    • Mike D says:

      Just think if that guy had been say a Senator, or maybe Vice President, what he could have done about global warming. Shame that he never had the chance.

  6. Shazaam says:

    A real shock would be Oh-Bomb-Ya speaking the truth…

    Or even the “global warming” / “climate change” pimps speaking truth….

    Lies are all they’ve got.

    The lame excuse about all the missing, hidden heat in the oceans isn’t helping their case. Because if the oceans can really buffer the effects of global warming that effectively, what is all the hysterical hoopla about? Ask that question and the usual reply is:

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