25 Years Of Child Abuse By Climate Alarmists

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18 Jul 1989 – ‘Scaremongering’ on greenhouse effect

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4 Responses to 25 Years Of Child Abuse By Climate Alarmists

  1. gator69 says:

    Our public school system abuses children daily, by teaching them what to think rather than how.

  2. darrylb says:

    Hi Gator – I have several former students who have come to me regarding AGW. I often find that I am a lone voice in trying to present facts.
    In schools, fairs, term papers, and more the AGW Meme comes into play and the ignorance is amazing.
    When I stated that CO2 is a main ingredient in all of life including us, I got a response that it is the carbon pollution is what we have to worry about.
    Unbelievable ignorance.

    • gator69 says:

      There were narratives presented to me in school that I intuitively knew were wrong, and later in life when I did my own research I found that I had indeed been lied to by my teachers. If not for the logic and critical thinking skills I acquired as a child, I would have simply accepted their ‘knowledge’ and moved on, incorrectly.

      And it did not end there. As a Climatology student I wrote a paper on Desertification, that was completely wrong, because all of my sources were alarmist. My years as a Geology student told me something was not quite right, but every academic and governmental source agreed that deserts would continue to expand and would eventually threaten arable lands. The ink was barely dry when I realized I had been duped, and this prepared me for the great global warming swindle.

  3. Tom Harley says:

    An unbelievable statement from Mr Graeme Furler, Regional Director, Bureau of Meteorology
    I wonder if he has been sacked for this statement, or forceably retired. Or changed his mind.

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