Met Office 1934 : Dissolving Arctic To Raise Sea Level 40 Feet And Drown Half Of England

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1 Response to Met Office 1934 : Dissolving Arctic To Raise Sea Level 40 Feet And Drown Half Of England

  1. Eric Simpson says:

    The Growing Anger toward the Green Vermin
    Well over a decade ago James Hansen made the following point: “It is clear that 1998 did not match the record warmth of 1934.” Now, since then, the warmists have just completely erased the record, and apparently the memory, of the 1930s being hotter than now. And today this article appeared in The Daily Mail: EXPOSED: David Rose rips UK climate change committee for being on the take. Corruptly, these greenies have been making themselves millionaires off the backs of UK taxpayers. And the LA Times yesterday posted this: Snow closes roads in Israel, is a source of wonder in Egypt. Of note is that the LA Times said they were going to block “denier” comments, but the article is chalk full of skeptic comments, including the one I’ll print below. I don’t agree with the comment, but it does reflect a growing sentiment of anger toward the greenies like the manipulative Hansen and those implicated in The Daily Mail article I linked to. The comment has been edited to make it more palatable for polite society:

    SirGareth1 at 11:16 AM December 13, 2013
    When this insanity is completely ended, I suggest we line up all these climate profiteers and con artists and [have a trial]. Its a small price to demand for the unmitigated damage they have caused the people of earth. Get all of the payoffs out in the open … and then [proceed with punishments].

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