Evil New Greenhouse Gas To Destroy The Planet 7,000 Times Faster

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Newly discovered greenhouse gas ‘7,000 times more powerful than CO2’ | Environment | theguardian.com

This means 14 billion nuclear bombs per day of trapped heat on Earth.

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19 Responses to Evil New Greenhouse Gas To Destroy The Planet 7,000 Times Faster

  1. A molecular mass of over 600? Yeah, & so much is released every year, too.

  2. Don says:

    They’ll never give up. The left never gives up. They are one and the same of course. It all about controlling the people.

  3. gator69 says:

    Good thing we don’t live in a greenhouse!

  4. I’ve got a good idea. Let’s all go back to the Dark Ages.

    Perhaps Guardian readers would like to go to the front of the queue.

  5. Hysterical. ROTFL

    0.18 parts per trillion is 180 parts per quadrillion. I almost spit the coffee out of my mouth.

  6. sonsinger says:

    That is a lot of “illions”. That must make it really, really bad.

  7. Assuming that the very dubious assumptions about this new threat are true, it works out to less than one three-millionth of the “greenhouse effect” of CO2 at the current levels of both (1:3,174,600 is the ratio of nominal effect).

    In other words, if it took decades to build up to this level, it will take tens of millions of years to build to a level equivalent to the currently undetectable impact of CO2 upon climate.

    ===|==============/ Keith DeHavelle

    • Bob Greene says:

      Yes but it is so potent that we need to seriously consider it. Think of the children, especially those supported by new and increased research grants.

    • Jason Calley says:

      The first question asked of applicants to join the Cult Of CAGW is this: “What is the difference between a million and a billion? Between a billion and a trillion?” It is a sort of anti-shiboleth. Anyone who answers correctly is automatically excluded from the cult.

      • Yet H2O is 20 times more important as a greenhouse gas, yet they say it’s not a greenhouse gas at all because it’s a liquid with only a short residence time as a gas.

        These people have their pants on fire.

  8. I have a theory about the Brontosaurus and it is mine.

    • Cornelius says:

      Ahem, ahem, ahem. And your theory is as follows:
      – AGW theory is thin at one end
      – scientists are much, much thicker when they’re in the middle of it
      – and our patience with them is growing thin at the other end

      (My apologies to John Cleese for the poor quality of this post.)

  9. Scarface says:

    7000 x 0 = 0 so no worries

  10. Humans belch 800 nanotons of perfluorowhatever into the atmosphere every year!

  11. chris y says:

    The fantastic dielectric gas Sulfur Hexafluoride (SF6) is 23,900 times more greenhousey than CO2. When regulations were suggested in the 1990’s, the price of SF6 increased by a factor of ten in a few years.

  12. Anto says:

    The newly discovered gas, Moronodoofusoxide is not only 1 million times more potent than CO2, but it is also poisonous when inhaled, turning the unfortunate victim into a blubbering, huddling, fearful coward. It reduces IQ by 30-50 points, produces symptoms similar to religious fervour and compels affected individuals to clump together in socialist collectives.

    Moronodoofusoxide is more prevalent in large cities, especially those with large concentrations of government workers or movie industries. Strangely, it leaves the middle class largely intact, while attacking the poor and the very wealthy in equal proportions.

    Ironically, however, the middle classes are the ultimate victims of Moronodoofusoxide, as they are called upon to pay for the treatment of those effected, which amounts to many trillions of dollars each year.

    While there have been occasional reports of recovery from Moronodoofusoxide poisoning, the condition is generally considered to be incurable for the vast majority of sufferers. Throughout history, societies where Moronodoofusoxide poisoning has become endemic suffer a gradual, but inexorable decline in wealth and living standards due to the financial burdens of dealing with its consequences. During its end-stage, the middle classes having fleed or died out, Moronodoofusoxide poisoned populations turn on themselves in an orgy of cannibalistic self-destruction.

    The only known cure for Moronodoofusoxide poisoning is common sense. However, despite its name, no one has ever managed to produce it in sufficient quantities to prevent an outbreak, let alone cure all those affected once the poisoning takes hold.

  13. Justa Joe says:

    Do the warmists realize how much of a self parody they are becoming?

  14. Yes, but they don’t care. They are doing it for “the cause”

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