Satellites Massively Perturb Sea Level

Climate geniuses tell us that sea level was rising about 1.8 mm/year until 1993, when it suddenly shifted to 3.2 mm/year. This amazing transition occurred exactly when satellites were launched to monitor sea level.

The only plausible explanation for a certified Mannian climate genius, is that satellites are massively affecting sea level.

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11 Responses to Satellites Massively Perturb Sea Level

  1. NikFromNYC says:

    Infographic of data deletion by the Space Age nuclear family of Jimmy Simpson:

    NASA to this very day deletes the last decade of tide gauge data from their web site, criminally. Space is a toxic desert. Let’s send those “proud Muslims” there in 2016.

  2. gator69 says:

    As a remote sensing student, we were first taught that in situ observations always trump satellites, and to use real ground observations to calibrate why we witnessed from afar.

  3. Traitor In Chief says:

    I can see that Earth is in crisis. One more satellite on the same side, and Earth could tip over!
    Then all the water will fall off and we’ll really be screwed!

    signed, Hank Johnson

  4. Bruce of Newcastle says:

    Its easier to rig one election computer than it is to stuff a thousand ballot boxes.

    It is easier to ‘adjust’ the data from one satellite than a thousand tide gauges.

    I say nothing about the veracity of the satellite data except that recent papers on tide gauge data agree an expected increase of about 120-150 mm during the rest of this century, or about 1.5 mm/yr, less than half of the satellite number.

  5. Bob Smith says:

    Please put out a summary of the inherent errors in trying to use satellites hundreds of miles above the Earth to measure elevation changes of ocean surfaces at mm scales (Hint: the precision/accuracy in on the order of +-5cm)

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