Embrace Diversity

The mantra of progressives was “embrace diversity” – until Obama was elected.

Now it is “Anyone who doesn’t believe exactly what I believe is a threat to the human race”

But then again, progressives have always been that way.

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22 Responses to Embrace Diversity

  1. Phil Jones says:

    True… It’s always been the Left who punishes others for NOT believing as they do…

  2. Kent Clizbe says:


    Terminology is really critical here. It’s the “Politically Correct Progressives.”

    The “Politically Correct” part is the key.

    Political Correctness, as I’ve demonstrated in my research and analysis in my book, Willing Accomplices (www.willingaccomplices.com), is simply a hatred of Normal America, and a dedication to destroying Normal America.

    The foundation of PC-Progressive belief can be boiled down to two sentences: “America is a racist, sexist, foreigner-hating, imperialist, capitalist hell-hole. And it must be changed.”

    The second sentence is what you’re focused on here–their idea of “change” is ruthless and merciless. And that is because of their faith-based acceptance of the first sentence. Anyone who is, or who supports, Normal-America, is a non-person to them.

    The beauty of this belief system (when considered from the point of view of political science) is that it is also combined with a powerful confirmation of personal superiority. That is, PC-Progs believe that they are superior humans, more intelligence, more caring, more better in all respects, simply because they accept the two-sentence-foundational-belief-statement.

    It is a heady, seductive, sick system–and yet all cults are.

    They are not “Leftists.” They are not “Liberal.” Those belief systems stand for something. PC-Progressives are identified by what they are against: “Straight white males engaged in doing business” are pretty much the epitome of hatred for PC-Progs.

    Full details: Why do PC-Progressives hate America?


  3. gator69 says:

    It’s called ‘Unidiversity’, and they have campuses in each state for indoctrination of high school graduates.

    • I. Lou Minotti says:

      And it’s been going on since at least a few years before I graduated HS in 1971. My American History teacher, Mr. Crispin, was the only public school teacher I sat under that taught the concepts of the U.S. Constitution and how this nation was established on Locke’s application of biblical principles to governments and societies. Mr. Crispin was summarily executed in 1972, when he was “relieved of duty” by a Rowan University graduate (at that time, Glassboro State Teachers College), who miraculously rose through the ranks to become Superintendent of Schools in Washington Township, Gloucester County, NJ.

      • gator69 says:

        It is at least a century old problem. The Progressives have been infiltrating our schools for about 150 years. Prohibition was a Progressive goal that began in the 1860’s, and the Progressives patiently indoctrinated generations, until the passage of the 18th Amendment. American history books have been totally corrupt since the 1920’s, and it has steadily worsened, as subsequent texts have been based upon these false narratives. Our best hope is to abolish the Department of Education that was created under the Carter administration, and turn education back over to the states, and to the people.

        • Kent Clizbe says:


          What was the message the Progressives inserted for indoctrination purposes prior to 1920? I believe that the message pre-1920 was completely congruent with the Normal American culture.

          If American history books were corrupted in the 1920s, what was the corrupting influence, and what was the corrupt message inserted at that time? Where did that message come from?

          What were the false narratives inserted in the 1920s?

          Would be interested to hear your thoughts. You might also be interested to see the results of my research and analysis into exactly this issue. The “corruption” was not just in our education system. It was in all the transmission belts of American culture–education/academia, the media, and Hollywood.

          And the message of corruption was carefully crafted and tailored. It was: “America is a racist, sexist, foreigner-hating, imperialist, capitalist hell-hole. And it must be changed.”

          It was a systematic, carefully crafted, professional influence operation. And it succeeded beyond all of its master-mind’s expectations.

          Kent Clizbe

        • gator69 says:

          The corrupting message was the denial that our founders set up our rights under a Judeo-Christian umbrella, and claimed that the likes of Jefferson and Washington were ‘deists’. The text books that came out post 1920’s have ZERO footnotes to back their assertions, and they ignore the firsthand accounts of those who witnessed the birth of the greatest nation on Earth.

        • I. Lou Minotti says:

          Princeton president Woodrow Wilson bears an uncanny resemblance to our current Dear Leader, doesn’t he? At least he had the foreskin (sorry, foresight) to leave us with his writings to help us figure him out. The Fabians have now reached the point where they don’t have to say or write anything of substance, because they can rely on Obamaphones to get their point across to the masses of idiots looking for a handout.

          Enjoy your posts, gator. A blessed Christmas to you and yours.
          Enjoy your website, as well, Steve Goddard. Merry Christmas.

        • Kent Clizbe says:


          Great analysis.

          The cultural warfare message, inserted into our transmission belts of culture, after 1920, was a fundamentally anti-traditional-American message. Part of it was the “deist” piece. But the fundamental goal was to destroy the deep feeling of American exceptionalism that was communicated in all of our culture at that time.

          In place of American Exceptionalism, the influence operation inserted “American rottenness.”

          This message, inserted in education/academia (Prof George S. Counts was a fantastically productive America hater), Hollywood and the media, grew slowly for a couple decades before taking off in the 70s. it emerged as full-blown PC-Progressivism in the 80s, and today we see the full results.

          “Embrace Diversity” is just a PC-Prog code word for “destroy traditional Americans.”

          Think Positive! Understanding our opponents is crucial.

        • gator69 says:

          I believe we speak the same language. Spread the good news my newest of friends.

        • Kent Clizbe says:


          I think it might be better to say that we see the same truths.

          Drop me a note. I’d be happy to share a copy of Willing Accomplices with you. It will likely illuminate your approach to this issue.

          Merry Christmas!


        • gator69 says:

          Hey Lou! Merry Christmas and all the best. We may not be winning just yet, but ‘they’ are losing.

        • I. Lou Minotti says:

          Lord bless you and yours, gator. And thanks for your C.S. Lewis “God in the Dock” quote reference from last week. I bought the book. Barnes and Noble should give you a well-deserved Christmas commission.

        • gator69 says:

          Merry Christmas Kent! Hope to see you here more often, and I hope we do get a chance to converse in the future.

    • I. Lou Minotti says:

      Mr. Kent Clizbe, why not do a bit of research into Illuminized Freemasonry in the United States? Many have written that most of our Founders were Freemasons, and that would be correct. However, that was back before Freemasonry (originally a society of good men doing good deeds) was infiltrated by those we today would call Communists and athiests, and who were written about in 2 Peter 2 and Jude. The preeminent originator and leader of the Illuminati of that day was a Roman Catholic renegade “priest” named Adam Weishaupt, and was founded simply to infiltrate and eventually take control of noble institutions such as churches, governments, or any other good organization that stood in the way of what Communists view as “progress.” Isn’t it amazing that Weishaupt founded his progressive, “world-saving” organization on May 1, 1776 (May-Day)? (Gary Kah, “En Route to Global Occupation,” [Lafayette: Huntington House, 1992]), p. 24.

      I look forward to reading your book, “Willing Accomplices.”

      • Kent Clizbe says:


        Thanks for your note. The organization that planned and carried out the operations that created PC-Progressives’ hate-America-first political platform wasn’t a fraternal order.

        And the evil-genius who planned the operation, Willi Muenzenberg, never came near a lodge.

        Let me know if you have any questions about the book. All the best.


  4. gator69 says:

    It appears Phil Robertson has been cleared of at least one crime…

    “Four men have been arrested on charges of murder, conspiracy and other counts in the carjacking death of a man shot in front of his wife outside an upscale mall in northern New Jersey last weekend, authorities said Saturday.”


    Apparently it was just four of Skeeter’s sons doing some last minute Christmas shopping.

    • I. Lou Minotti says:

      They simply needed a good deal on a Land Rover that could be sent over to Cousin George in Kenya. Call it a replundered redistribution of wealth to be driven on the cow paths that the evil colonialists taught them to build in the first place. You need hearty vehicles to do that.

  5. Robertv says:

    Transparency report reveals Turkey with most removal queries and United States second with requests for more than 4,000 items to be deleted from web


  6. Fred from Canuckistan says:

    As the most prescient Kate says. . . “what is the opposite of diversity?”

    Why university of course.

    Especially the universities that specialize in racial minority, transgendered immigrant feminist aboriginal victimization studies.

  7. leftinflagstaff says:

    Yes, it’s that new kind of indistinguishable diversity.

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