Not To Be Outdone By NASA In The Data Tampering Department ….

Cooling the past is fun, so why not lower past sea levels too?

The EU’s Envisat satellite used to agree with tide gauges that there isn’t a lot of sea level rise going on.

MSL_Serie_EN_Global_IB_RWT_NoGIA_Adjust (1)

MSL_Serie_EN_Global_IB_RWT_NoGIA_Adjust.gif (500×302)

But that just wouldn’t do anything to scare people, so one night they simply quadrupled sea level rise.


MSL_Serie_EN_Global_IB_RWT_NoGIA_Adjust.gif (500×308)

The graph below shows how they lowered past sea level, and raised recent sea level to create the EU mandated scary appearance of sea level rising.

ScreenHunter_538 Dec. 21 15.40

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10 Responses to Not To Be Outdone By NASA In The Data Tampering Department ….

  1. Clyde Rhomburg says:

    If you don’t expect anything positive from the “New” Nasa, you wont be disapointed, rememember
    they have an Obomba appointed muslem at the “Helm” of what was once the “Envy” of the world.

  2. Tel says:

    Hasn’t that drone bomber hit the web archive yet? Where’s my kill switch?

  3. The Ol' Seadog. says:

    They arre all a load of bullshitters, talking a load of old bollocks. Here is an example:-

    Here we have 90 so-called experts making a fundamentally false statement. I first saw this made the leading NASA expert , Josh Willis.

    Anybody else notice it?

  4. gator69 says:

    Hat trick! Lowering their ethical standards, credibility, and sea level all at the same time! The Ministry of Truth looks like a fact checker compared to these guys.

  5. dp says:

    Do you suppose they are using some of those skill lacking models to agenda-fit the data?

  6. etudiant says:

    Have to say these web archives are getting to be a little embarrassing for the regulatory/science community.
    Clearly we will need to curtail this kind of unregulated data access for national security reasons.
    Expect open access to be the first casualty if the skeptics start to make serious headway.

  7. tom0mason says:

    So that’s why all the tides were lower in the past. Funny most of the tide gauges around the world didn’t see it.

  8. Andy Oz says:

    More wacky news from NASA.

    If the sun indeed flips upside down, then the Southern Hemisphere will become the northern hemisphere and Australia will be on top of the world. Suck it up you soon to be southerners!

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