Global Warming Theory Busted By Archived GISS Data

The web archive never forgets.

In 1997, GISS showed that about three-fourths of global warming occurred prior to 1940. In other words, global warming started before CO2 started rising significantly, and recent global warming coincided exactly with the PDO shift in 1976.

ScreenHunter_677 Dec. 23 16.23

Archived here :

But it is worse than it seems. It turns out that 1940 to 1970 global cooling was real, before they deep-sixed it.

The next graph shows how GISS has altered the data since 1997.

ScreenHunter_675 Dec. 23 15.59

Current data here :

Now we know why GISS doesn’t keep their old data around. It doesn’t support global warming theory.

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1 Response to Global Warming Theory Busted By Archived GISS Data

  1. Andy DC says:

    Another dirty little secret, the modern Little Ice Age of the 1960’s and 1970’s, when temperatures went totally opposiite to the CO2 concentration in the atmosphere.

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