James Hansen’s High School Science Teacher Finally Located

Tiny Tim : 1963



Published: October 23, 1983

‘The ice caps are melting! The ice caps are melting! The oceans are rising and we’ll all be drowned for our sins,” sang the shrill-voiced Tiny Tim some 20 years ago.

More recent warnings of sudden climatic changes still point to ice caps melting, but the cause in these scenarios is the ”greenhouse effect,” or rise in global temperature resulting from the increase of carbon dioxide in the air. Since atmospheric carbon dioxide retains heat, the theory goes, a buildup of the gas would prevent Earth from radiating heat into space.


James Hansen : 2011

Right now, we’re headed towards an ice-free planet.  That takes us through the Eemian interglacial period of about 130,000 years ago when sea levels were 15 to 20 feet higher, when temperatures had been thought to be about 1°C warmer than today.  Then we go back to the “early Pliocene, when sea level was about 25 m [82 feet] higher than today,” as NASA’s James Hansen and Makiko Sato explain

Must-read Hansen and Sato paper: We are at a climate tipping point that, once crossed, enables multi-meter sea level rise this century | ThinkProgress

This video should help you understand what is going on in Hansen’s head.

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3 Responses to James Hansen’s High School Science Teacher Finally Located

  1. tom0mason says:

    Great video of he world’s greatest falsetto.
    As for Hansen the spreader of scientific falsehoods.

    RIP Tiny Tim (aka Herbert Khaury), it was fun while it lasted.
    Give it a rest Hansen.

  2. Olly says:

    The crazy thing is that there are actually several practical measures that can be taken to reduce global warming… However, I guess people are reluctant to start geoengineering in case things go too far, or other effects occur that weren’t expected. For example, injecting sulfur dioxide into the upper atmosphere to reflect the sun’s radiation.

    • Col A says:

      OMG don’t you get it – if it ain’t busted DON”T F*GK WITH IT. And there ain’t nothing wrong with our climate and certainly NO DORK has crystal balls big enough that can tell you what the temperature will do next month let alone next Xmas or 5 years from now.
      Olly, you start talking “practical measures” and “geoengineering” and you know where you can inject the first 1000 tonnes of sulfur dioxide and YEP the sun ain’t shinning there!!
      For all our sake and sanity let mother nature do her thing and you shove your “GOD Engineer” complex straight after the sulfur dioxide!!
      I am a cranky old engineer and I swear there is only one thing more frightening than loopy Climate scientists and that’s the some GROSS IDIOT who thinks we can geoengineer fix something we have no control over with hypothesis trialled on a global scale.

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