Major Shock News : In 1975, NOAA Boulder Actually Had A Legitimate Scientist

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Theory of ‘Greenhouse Effect’ Of Sun’s Rays Is Challenged – View Article –

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3 Responses to Major Shock News : In 1975, NOAA Boulder Actually Had A Legitimate Scientist

  1. Tel says:

    Yeah, the name “Greenhouse Effect” makes it sound like the atmosphere and a greenhouse are operating the same way. I’ve never liked that name. There is no sheet of glass hanging above our heads. The tropopause is not some particular fixed altitude but it is whatever altitude the H20 rises to before the heat is lost and it condenses back to liquid water and falls down again (changes with latitude and changes from day to day).

    As Ed Krug pointed out, cyclones regularly punch through the normal tropopause and lift material to exceptional altitude. At high altitude, CO2 is no longer an issue, the energy will easily dissipate.

  2. KevinK says:

    “Dr. Ronald L. Schwiesow said that the so-called greenhouse effect, or radiative trapping, plays at best only a secondary role in keeping the air inside greenhouses warm”

    Almost totally correct, except that the “radiative trapping” is nothing more than a hybrid “thermal-optical” delay line. By causing the energy to “bounce” back and forth between the surface and atmosphere (alternating as it travels between thermal energy and IR light) the “effect” merely delays the flow of energy from the source (the Sun) to the energy less void of the universe. The energy simply makes multiple passes through the system at close to the speed of light. Given the dimensions involved (surface to TOA ~ 5 miles) and the velocity (speed of light) this delay amounts to a few tens of milliseconds at most. Given that the period of the energy arriving (sunrise/sunset) is 24 hours or about 86 million milliseconds this delay had NO EFFECT on the average temperature of the Earth. Rather it simply changes the “response time” of the gases in the atmosphere. With higher CO2 the gases warm up slightly faster after sunrise, and cool down slightly slower after sunset.

    The empirical evidence of this effect cannot be found in the historical temperature records. And any effort to measure it (given the insignificant magnitude of the effect) is probably impossible from a cost and time standpoint.

    The climate science community has been chasing a chimera, mirage, illusion for all these decades.

    There have been studies about the wisdom of making a man made greenhouse with plastic films that “trap” IR versus plastic films that do not “trap” IR. The temperature difference cannot be measured beyond the measurement noise.

    Cheers, Kevin.

  3. If the earth was a greenhouse we would not be here….obviously given the 1 million or so variables in climate and local weather; the earth has a convection system of irreducible complexity which cannot be modelled. Likely anyone who passed grade 9 science knows this – except for the Piled on High and Deep [phds] and their ilk who are ‘granted’ tax money to fund their hysteria [research]…

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