NASA : Cooling Down The Whole World’s Past

Dave Burton sent over a bunch of archive links which have turned up some more history of NASA’s data tampering.

The graph below shows NASA’s 2004 version of global surface temperatures in red, and current version in green – normalized to 1998. Note that in 2004 the 1880’s were just as warm as the 1960’s, but they have since cooled way down. Hansen must have traveled back in time and changed the past.

ScreenHunter_650 Dec. 23 09.08

2004 version : Fig.A.gif (274×203)

2013 version : Fig.A.gif (656×446)

The next graph shows the extent of their changes. NASA has completely eliminated the hot 1880’s, when Europe set their all-time record high temperature. Thoughtful of them to go back in time and cool those poor people down.

ScreenHunter_653 Dec. 23 09.42

2001 version :

2013 version :

ScreenHunter_654 Dec. 23 09.59

NCDC: Global Measured Extremes of Temperature and Precipitation

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11 Responses to NASA : Cooling Down The Whole World’s Past

  1. Don V. says:

    It is curious to see the NCDC graph on temperature extremes still shows 136F at El Azizia, Libya, on 13 Sep 1922. The WMO invalidated that record over three years ago. Excellent discussion on this by C Christopher Burt on 13 Sep 2012.

  2. You should make up all the best of these and publish them in a book. You don’t have to worry about copyrights because government documents can’t be copyrighted. You can definitely find a publisher, people are getting sick of AGW and want the definitive book.

  3. monk says:

    Do you know what the stated rationale is for making these changes ?

  4. daveburton says:

    Way to go, Steve! I knew they were doing this to the U.S. temps, but didn’t know it about the global temps.

    BTW, it was Steve, not me, who figured out that the old versions of the global temperature records could be found alongside the U.S. temps. Good job, Steve.

  5. Dave N says:

    I blame Marty McFly

  6. bubbagyro says:

    I’m not surprised. Superman used to be able to fly around the world counterclockwise at super speed and go back in time. Hansen is a counterclockwise type of guy…

  7. Athelstan. says:

    Now matter how these [NASA] ***kers twist and fiddle the stats and the data sets, so called man made warming: It’s still a temperature rise of ***k all from not very much. Now as surface av Temps – it returns to cooling sooooooooooooooooh……………. where’s the man made warming hypothesis now – ***king nowhere – that’s where and where it always was.

  8. Andy DC says:

    Hansen should create his own movie “The Data Tampering Time Machine”. Even Jules Verne could not imagine people in the future as loathsome as Hansen.

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