NASA : Cooling The Past Down Under Too

Prior to 1960, people all over the world always read temperatures too high. This was probably because they were very short and had to look up at the glass thermometer.

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5 Responses to NASA : Cooling The Past Down Under Too

  1. TheJollyGreenMan says:

    That was in the days before fortified breakfast cereals! The lack of vitamins caused extra curvature of the eye balls, hence the parallax faults in past records.

  2. Funny how they always say it’s due to TOBS adj in the US, when TOBS is not a real issue anywhere else.

  3. LOL in Oregon says:

    Wait, wait, wait,
    We all know that Einstein’s generation was a bit “slower”.

    Just cuz they invented the atomic bomb and won WW II doesn’t mean they could read thermometers!
    I mean, they even thought cities were warmer than the surrounding forests!
    Shoot, they couldn’t even finagle the large goberment grants we see now!

  4. Parallax error! Ho Ho HO! Now why haven’t I heard that one before! They are going to be so pissed when they find out the MISSED ONE! LOL.

  5. Scott Scarborough says:

    Most of the people who read thermometers in the early part of last century probably didn’t even know what Parallax error is! Yet they say these temperatures are accurate to 1/10 deg!

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