Obama’s Fulfilling His Promise

America’s newest, most expensive coal-fired power plantis hailed as one of the cleanest on the planet, thanks to government-backed technology that removes carbon dioxide and keeps it out of the atmosphere.

President Obama Pushing More Oil Production to Clean Up Coal – weather.com

Making electricity prices skyrocket, just as he promised! We can all breathe easier knowing that an undetectable amount of an essential, invisible, harmless, odorless gas has been removed – at great expense.

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2 Responses to Obama’s Fulfilling His Promise

  1. WJohn says:

    When all the oxygen is buried safely underground the problem will be solved.

  2. Billy Liar says:

    Maybe someone should remind them that for every atom of carbon sequestered, two atoms of oxygen are removed from the atmosphere. They might also need to be told that oxygen is the stuff we depend on to breathe.

    They can hardly use the argument that the oxygen sequestered is an insignificant amount because that would imply that the carbon sequestered is half an insignificant amount.

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