Mann-Made CO2 Reverses Physics

In 1975, climate experts blamed weather blocking on global cooling.

ScreenHunter_753 Dec. 24 18.47

The Spokesman-Review – Google News Archive Search

But climate experts are much smarter now, and blame the same blocking patterns on global warming.

ScreenHunter_754 Dec. 24 18.53

Blocking patterns: How global warming might have worsened US drought –

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5 Responses to Mann-Made CO2 Reverses Physics

  1. We’ve convened a panel of experts to discuss why we have an unemployment problem in the US.

    Sandra Fluke: It’s simple, all we need is more free contraception & the problem will solve itself.

    James Hansen: Easy, just tax all forms of energy using carbon & build more windmills.

    Alex Jones: Shut down HAARP & have BUUUUUUUUSH admit he cause 9-11, & we’ll have 0% unemployment in a month.

    Obama: My uh amazing speeches & uh funnelling uh cash to known uh terrorist organizations uh in uh the name of democracy will uh create or save up to uh 400,000,000 jobs by uh 2011. Uh.

    Al Sharpton: Jews steal the proud African jobs, we should do something about that before the Jews rape all of our beautiful African queens.

    & so on.

  2. Greenhouse effect:

    92% water vapor
    5% CO2
    2% methane and the rest

    Here is what’s funny. If CO2 is 5% of the greenhouse effect and we increased it by 40%, that means we increased the greenhouse effect by 2%

    We are belching 8 gigadollars a year trying to reduce this 2% to a less catastrophic number.

  3. tom0mason says:

    A Merry Christmas to all at StevenGoddard’s place may you all have an happy and informed time.

  4. ralphcramdo says:

    There again is one of the many alarmist escape words, “might”.

  5. Dave N says:

    Kook and Nutter will probably say that Lamb never existed; nor Schneider.. until the late 70’s when they couldn’t get any money from an impending ice age and switched to AGW.

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