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Nuttercelli Declares 70 MPH Winds To Be A Major Hurricane

Republicans in Congress got the testimony they wanted to keep playing climate Russian roulette | Dana Nuccitelli | Environment | theguardian.com

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GISS Busted Again*

In 1961, the unanimous consensus agreed that Earth was cooling – but GISS shows a strong warming trend from 1946 to 1961. data.giss.nasa.gov/gistemp/graphs_v3/Fig.A2.txt SCIENTISTS AGREE WORLD IS COLDER — NYTimes.com * Mosher says that this is all first rate science.

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Global Sea Ice Area Closing In On New Year’s Day Record

The largest measured New Year’s Day global sea ice area was 17.9 million km² in 1989. January 1 is on pace to surpass that. arctic.atmos.uiuc.edu/cryosphere/timeseries.global.anom.1979-2008

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Obama Triples The Deficit – Says He Cut It In Half

Just got this E-mail from the Pinocchio-in-Chief These are the actual numbers from US Treasury Dept. Current Issue: Monthly Treasury Statement: Publications & Guidance: Financial Management Service

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1989 NYT Editorial Slammed Hansen For Pushing Climate BS

James Hansen of NASA is the only climatologist to have told Congress that the greenhouse effect is already here. He is a respected scientist but on this point very few of his colleagues agree with him, as Richard Kerr noted … Continue reading

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1961 Global Cooling Consensus

SCIENTISTS AGREE WORLD IS COLDER — NYTimes.com Kook and Nuttercelli say this is impossible.

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Adjustments To 2008 Election Results

Using NASA certified adjustment protocol, I have downwards adjusted the number of dead voters who voted for Obama in 2008 – and transformed him into an unemployed community organizer.

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