Global Warming Forcing Climate Refugees North

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New York Soon to Trail Florida in Population –

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13 Responses to Global Warming Forcing Climate Refugees North

  1. Lance says:

    damn…and I bought in Arizona…I thought when I retired, I was told to move south for winter, but now the CAGW crowd tell me I should have bought in Winnipeg!! silly me…somehow…(going out on a limb here), I think Phoenix in winter will be warmer than Winnipeg…

    • Andy DC says:

      Winnipeg? They are going to be way too hot for human habitation in another 20 years. Try Alert or Eureka. Buy up the beachfront property there before it is too late!

      • gator69 says:

        Beachfront? Are you mad? You will need mountaintop property to survive the massive sea level rise and category 10 hurricanes.

  2. rah says:

    Yep, and a lot of those New Yorkers are moving to Florida. Before you know it every bridge in Florida will be a toll bridge and Nanny Bloomberg will be running for governor of the Sun Shine state and win. And the days of the sales tax being the only state tax will be history.

  3. Rosco says:

    Way off topic – but Steve may get a laugh out of this.

    Your good buddy Piers Morgan did his usual and shot his mouth off about any topic – this time about the courage of the English cricket team facing hostile fast bowling.

    As usual he said he was way better and offered to face retired Australian fast bowler Brett Lee.

    Brett may have retired a few years ago but he still plays in the big money league.

    He remains one of the fastest in the world easily capable of hurling the cricket ball at speeds approaching 95 miles an hour.

    “Cricket balls, weighing between 155.9 and 163.0 grams, are known for their hardness and for the risk of injury involved when using them.”

    Anyway here is the video link of Piers displaying his courage

    At least he fronted – I wouldn’t be so stupid.

  4. Traitor In Chief says:

    Ahhhh, warmcold. If only we were wise enough to truly comprehend it. I bought in FL, and I’d like to get 10 more. When Bloomberg takes over, I’ll sell everything and head to Belize.

  5. gofer says:

    It’s all that extreme weather:

    From Drudge:

    2013 shatters the record for fewest tornadoes…

    Also sees fewest forest fires since 1984…

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