Scientists Certain That Sea Level Will Rise One Foot In The Next Two Years

Published: February 18, 1986

MANY scientists are so sure that the sea level will rise visibly in the coming decades that they are advising planners to adopt new strategies now. A predicted rise in sea level of one foot within the next 30 to 40 years will drive much of the Atlantic and Gulf shoreline inward by a hundred feet and some of it by more than a thousand feet, according to marine geologists. The environmental and economic consequences will be felt much farther inland.


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4 Responses to Scientists Certain That Sea Level Will Rise One Foot In The Next Two Years

  1. rah says:

    Thanks Steve for continuing to shovel from the archives the heaps of unmitigated alarmist dung we have been subjected to by an uncritical press over the last decades. It’s a dirty job I know but I doubt you realize how appreciated it is. However, getting it out to the uninformed brainwashed masses is another matter. What I do is take what you dig up and retransmit it via e-mail and by word of mouth to my own circle. Perhaps over time, with enough people doing the same, the message will really reach “the mainstream”?

    • ozspeaksup says:

      I do the same,
      we all need to make sure facts and past msm items that are so wrong,
      get read and shared as majority only believe whats seen in paper or tv etc.
      so reminders of past crap are vital.
      so few seem to remember what happend a week ago let alone a decade or more,
      and thats what warmist shills rely on.

  2. Lance says:

    all i can say is thank goodness that i live way far away from the coast here in Alberta…i feel SOOO much safer than those folks living on the coast (sarc….)

  3. Steve Clough says:

    I think I’ll open up a kayak and canoe store in Manhattan. This will help with their commute

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