Antarctic Sea Ice 26% Above Normal

Walt Meier used to claim that positive Antarctic ice anomalies were smaller than negative Arctic ice anomalies, and only occurred in the Southern winter.

Massive fail on both counts.

ScreenHunter_986 Dec. 28 06.06

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10 Responses to Antarctic Sea Ice 26% Above Normal

  1. Bill says:

    What are the orange and blue trend lines? (over what time periods?) Thanks.

  2. It must be odd to have a job in the Climate Industrial Complex, where you could be fired for telling the truth. No wonder everyone like Walt is silent lately. The facts are too obvious to lie in public, so they are constrained to saying nothing.

    I don’t see Gavin spending a lot of time responding to your tweets either.

    I’ve got to believe there are still some honest folks left, and if so, there is a backlash building and that there is a Snowden somewhere in government controlled Big Climate.

    • Jimbo says:

      I concur with your observation. There must be many Warmist scientists wondering in their minds only about the Arctic uptick in September, Antarctica sea ice extent records in recent years, the global surface temperature standstill, the failure of the IPCC temp projections, the big return of snow and cold to the Northern hemisphere in winter etc. They are really worried but won’t admit it. If warming fails to resume this decade then they really are in big trouble. They already are actually. šŸ™‚

  3. The Iconoclast says:

    Getting stuck in Antarctic ice in the summer, now there’s some Climate Reality for ya. Tampering with the historical record is one thing, actually going to Antarctica is something else.

    Now the Chinese icebreaker is being reported as stuck in the ice. But don’t worry, the French will save them.

  4. BCJohnson says:

    Time for an update. 12/28/13 is a new record high Antarctic Sea Ice Anomaly for the date, moving ahead of 2007 as Steve has been predicting.

  5. bob wilkinson says:

    is the ice frozen sea water, or frozen fresh water (which, of course, freezes at a higher temperature)?

  6. firefly12mal says:

    It is summer time down here in the southern hemisphere. The Antarctic sea ice is supposed to be at its minimum NOW. It is only going to increase from now on as the season cools. How does this fit into the global warming theories of all the northern hemisphere scientists. And who’s bright idea was it drive a boat into the sea ice? If satellites and GPS can’t show the extent of the ice then where are the global warming nutters getting their information from? Or are they just making it up as they go along? It seems that way to me sometimes.

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