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Announcing A Polar Ice Meeting

Jan 15, Winnipeg Convention Center Mainstream Rowers and Antarctic Scientists* Will Discuss Their Recent Experiences With Polar Melting At The Opposite Poles Sponsored By Veggie Powered By Bimbo *assuming the Antarctic scientists have been rescued in time.

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Obamacare Circa 1909

Chicago gangster forced citizens to pay protection money, under the guise of government business.   MUCH GRAFT IN CHICAGO. – One Detective Said to Have Collected $9,000 a Month. – View Article – NYTimes.com

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Case Study In Academic Stupidity

CRACK IN WORLD IS FOUND AT SEA – Columbia Teams Discover a 20-Mile-Wide, 2-Mile-Deep Fissure Circling Globe Splits Into 2 Branches Rift Continues to Widen – View Article – NYTimes.com This PhD genius sees the sea floor spreading at the … Continue reading

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