Scientists Trapped In Record Sea Ice Announce That It Is Disappearing

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Stricken Russian ship MV Akademik Shokalskiy with Aussie scientists aboard is playing the waiting game in Antarctica |

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96 Responses to Scientists Trapped In Record Sea Ice Announce That It Is Disappearing

  1. Okie says:

    They have fresh water and penguins; call off the rescue.

  2. Justa Joe says:

    Chris Turney, You’re stuck in the ice. I’m going to have to take your lecture about what everybody else is doing wrong under advisement.

  3. Sundance says:

    A nice picture of potential contestants for the Monty Python Upper Class Twit Of The Year competition.

  4. Don B says:

    There is progress. Two years ago when many Russian ships were trapped by sea ice, the US media ignored the problem. The current incident is even being reported by NBC.

    “Since 30 December [2011], Russian ships have been trapped by ice in the Sea of Okhotsk, part of the Gulf of Sakhalin, and rescue attempts have so far been frustrated. The drama, redolent of the 1983 ice crisis, apparently involves ten ships, including a research vessel and what are described as three “fishing boats”. With crews totalling 400, it is more likely that these are factory or processing ships.”

  5. GregO says:

    “Sea ice is disappearing due to climate change, but here it is building up.”
    Wow. Talk about doublespeak! And false. Sea ice extent is actually up, not down worldwide.

    “This change will have impacts on deep ocean circulation.”
    Got any data to back that? No? Then just another baseless assertion. Add it to the pile of so-called consensus science – a witch’s brew of baseless assertions, conjecture, dodgy or no data; all played out in the media. Astounding the public doesn’t see through these charlatans.

    • BobW in NC says:

      ” Astounding the public doesn’t see through these charlatans…” Sad, really. But from everything I’ve seen, the public is never taught what science is all about, the basic mechanics of how it works, what is good vs bad science, etc.

      Rather, they appear to be kept purposefully ignorant so they will accept what “authority” figures in a particular field assert without question. Thus, “an authority said it, so it’s got to be true, right?”

    • Norma says:

      Yes, I thought that was doublespeak! Right in the same place of the report. No confusing their agenda here.

      Yet, they still think we’re stupid, and won’t catch it.

    • Most of the public sees through it. If you want to know what Joe Public thinks of AGW just go to the comments section on any Yahoo news article on global warming…..the majority of the public thinks it’s a crock of shit. And some of the comments are hysterical.

    • David J Blythe says:

      We with eyes to see & ears to hear DO see through this claptrap of BS… but the media will never allow you to know the Truth IS getting out via new media & talk radio.
      Have heart, don’t give up shouting the Truth!

  6. Don B says:

    Enven the NY Times has noticed:

    “Icebreakers sent to free a stranded Russian research ship, the Akademik Shokalskiy, off Antarctica were stopped by heavy ice within sight of the ship, officials said early Saturday. A Chinese icebreaker in the area, the Xue Long, or Snow Dragon, was asked to divert toward the Shokalskiy, which is carrying members of the Australasian Antarctic Expedition and became stuck in the ice on Tuesday about 1,700 miles south of Tasmania. A spokeswoman for the Australian Maritime Safety Authority said the Xue Long was about seven miles from the Shokalskiy when the ice became too thick to cut through. A French icebreaker also could not clear a path to the ship, said an expedition spokesman. The ships will await the arrival of an Australian icebreaker, which has a greater icebreaking capacity, he said. ”

    • Gamecock says:

      So, our fine, fine scientists couldn’t walk 7 miles to be rescued? WTF??? Maybe the Chinese ship didn’t have Gray Poupon.

  7. Reblogged this on Power To The People and commented:
    Climate Change Scientists Who “Denied” Sea Ice Is Expanding Trapped In Expanding Sea Ice

  8. They talk of algae dying off under the ice, as there is no sunlight.

    And yet moan when a bit of Arctic ice disappears. Incredible!

    • Jason Calley says:

      If it is cool, it is too cold. If it is warm, it is too hot. If it is a little dry, it is an extreme drought. If it is a little rainy, it is a flood. No matter what the condition, it is wrong, wrong, wrong!

      What makes it wrong? The fact that they are not in control of it. And if you refuse to let them control YOU, then you must be wrong too.

  9. Bill Pounder says:

    January 2009, but what do Russians know about sea ice, again?
    RUSSIAN sea captain Dimitri Zinchenko has been steering ships through the pack ice of Antarctica for three decades and is waiting to see evidence of the global warming about which he has heard so much.
    Zinchenko’s vessel, the Spirit of Enderby, was commissioned in January last year to retrace the steps of the great Antarctic explorer Ernest Shackleton, marking the century of his Nimrod expedition of 1907-09.
    Spirit of Enderby was blocked by a wall of pack ice at the entrance to the Ross Sea, about 400km short of Shackleton’s base hut at Cape Royds. Zinchenko says it was the first time in 15 years that vessels were unable to penetrate the Ross Sea in January. The experience was consistent with his impression that pack ice is expanding, not contracting, as would be expected in a rapidly warming world. “I see just more and more ice, not less ice.”

    • Jay Stevens says:

      Russian sea captain Dimitri Zinchenko has been steering ships through the pack ice of Antarctica for three decades, “I see just more and more ice, not less ice.”

      So, on one hand you have someone with 30 years of first hand observation and experience in the environment verses a group of climate scientists such as Michael “Hide the decline” Mann with computer models and cooked data . Who are you going to believe?

  10. isn’t it SUMMER there now??

  11. Traitor In Chief says:

    Fox news says they’re awaiting their 3rd icebreaker, the first two having failed at 7 and 12 miles.
    The story headline says second ship, but the story says 3rd attempt.

    You can’t fix stupid.

  12. GregO says:

    OK, this ridiculous waste of time and effort now is making some sense to me. It really is all just a publicity stunt gone bad. At least in the United States, no one is paying much heed to so-called Catastrophic Man-Made Global Warming:

    That these tenderfoot phonies are claiming title to following in Mawson’s steps is nothing short of repulsive.

    Gamecock (3:29 PM) nails it – they aren’t in any real trouble; nothing worse (so far) than a minor inconvenience actually. I doubt any of them could trek a km in that frozen wasteland much more seven miles – although the image of those pussys stumbling through the ice-fields toting their laptops all screeching and bitching at one another is pretty funny. They might get hurt or killed out there… and I do wish them all a safe return. I just hope it takes awhile; maybe a week or two. Just enough to really highlight the absurdity of the entire “expedition” in the eyes of the world, not just the blogosphere.

  13. Billy Liar says:

    Whilst Turney is dangling from his own petard and enjoying the worldwide fame only Dr David Viner achieved before him, maybe we should consider whether there is a Gore/Turney effect.

    • Dr. Mometer says:

      “dangling from his own petard”? Maybe time to look up petard, retard.

      • d says:

        A petard is large enough for one to dangle oneself thereon. Granted your would need to store your petard in an unconventional position but in any case theres no need for name calling.

  14. edward1968 says:

    “The increase in sea ice has freshened the sea water below, so much that you can almost drink it.”
    I think they’ve been drinking the seawater all along.

  15. Donna K. Becker says:

    And now the Australian icebreaker is held up by a snowstorm….

  16. Organic Fool says:

    35-Year Cooling of South Pole Confirmed By NASA

    “As can be seen, there has been a cooling trend – granted, a very tiny -0.04°C/century, but it remains far removed from the IPCC’s unicorn science of “amplified” and dangerous polar warming. And not only has it not warmed, the Antarctic sea ice has grown to a record amount.”

  17. Dave N says:

    Disappearing sea-ice is causing an excess of sea-ice. Makes sense.

    Either way, it means “climate change”; coz apparently, the climate never changed before.

    • It is I only says:

      “Disappearing sea-ice is causing an excess of sea-ice. Makes sense.”
      Trust me! I am a “respected” scientist!
      Would I lie to you???

  18. As long as they are not asking for a rescue by a fossil fuelled powered vessel. Something wind powered would be fine, like something with sails.

  19. Justa Joe says:

    We’ve got leftist journalists, leftist “scientists”, and leftist politicians all stranded due to their over-arching hubris. They planned on coming back and selling their lies about the death of Antarctica as if their little pleasure cruise was adequate basis for them to judge anything. Let them cool their heels down there. Maybe a few of them will gain gain a little humility.

    The professor on Gilligan’s Island has more credibility than Prof. Turney.

  20. gator69 says:

    Whistling past the graveyard.

  21. DonNeedNoStinkinUserName says:

    This has been reported widely in New Zealand as there are Kiwis on the boat. .On the first broadcast interview with the head researcher he said they were stuck in ice and the open sea was 2 kilometers away. . . . . next day on a National Radio interview he announced it was now 20 kms away and this is the Antarctic’s SUMMER. And the ice is so thick that the Chinese Icebreaker has not been able to get through and I think is itself stuck. Not to worry – any moment now the global warming oops I mean climate change will kick in and the ice will be a thing of the past . . . to sorta paraphrase some alarmist fuckhead !

  22. desertspeaks says:

    karma is kick in the butt ain’t it !

  23. deepred says:

    And I do believe that it’s summer down there, Isn’t it?

    • AClayterman says:

      Yes.. it’s summer.. but you’re not supposed to know that.. it’s precisely WHY they went now.. hoping to show a thinning of the ice on the MSM.. and never explaining that is due to it currentloy being summer and the seasons being reversed by the tilt of the planet.. 70% of the leftard window lickers wouldn’t know it and would, instead, immediately blame global Faking as the culprit. Intsead they are trapped due to their own arrogance and stupidity.

  24. Streetcred says:

    Let Nature take its course … call off the ‘rescue’. Otherwise, let them and their various sponsoring NGO’s and media interests take responsibility for the cost. ‘Struth, they’re just a bunch of ignorant lefties, think of how the gene pool will be improved without them to procreate.

    • I don’t think you really want to see the vine videos of the horrifying chaos that erupts when they run out of Tammy Faye Mascara or locally-sourced, organic sea-salt. Humanity is better off if they’re rescued & quietly sterilized.

      • Ivan says:

        Humanity would be better off it they just turned off the phones and left them there.
        Think of them as a “Group Darwin Award”

  25. Bob Koss says:

    This is going to cost the ship owners some big bucks.

    Under the Treaty of the Safety of Life at Sea, vessels are required to respond to a distress message, with the costs incurred a matter for the ship owners after the event, the AMSA said.

    These can include fuel costs, crew costs and loss of revenue.

  26. Bluesman says:

    Can’t they see the irony in their claims it’s warming, yet they’re frozen in?

    Which then begs the question…

    .. How stupid does one have to be to get frozen into shrinking ice fields?


    • Captain Nerd says:

      About as loony as the pair of swimmers a couple of years ago that nearly froze to death trying to swim to the North Pole “because obviously the ice is all gone”…

  27. In his statement ‘Sea ice is disappearing due to climate change’ Prof. Turney indicates a loss of contact with reality and an overestimation of his own competence, capabilities, and the lack of humility in his leadership on board the stricken Russian ship MV Akademik Shokalskiy, just underlines the extreme arrogance of contemptible environmentalism witness before us.

  28. Alvin says:

    There is non one on board to dispute their claims. The problem is that the temperature is -1 so how is the ice melting?

  29. Mohatdebos says:

    This episode reminds of Iraq’s Information Minister, AKA Baghdad Bob, telling reporters how the valiant Iraqi troops had stopped the advancing Americans outside Baghdad even as American troops were surrounding the Information Ministry. For those who might not recall what happened next, the Information Minister was executed by the new Iraqi government. Let’s hope the same fate does not befall these charlatans.

  30. Karl W. Braun says:

    It appears that the Washington Post has finally recognized the present status of sea ice in the Antarctic:

  31. Paul in Sweden says:

    Are all Climastrologists automatically qualified for the Special Olympics?

  32. John Of Cloverdale WA, Australia says:

    How do these guys get tax payer funding? And who is paying for the rescue of these idiots. Tony Abbott turn the tap off, I don’t want to pay for these deniers. Maybe we should send them on a Geology course, with an emphasis on paleoclimate and eustatic sea level changes. And maybe, throw in volcanology and glaciology as extras.

  33. Mervyn says:

    Perhaps these eccentrics will not be laughing so much when the time comes to decide who is going to pay for the rescue operation. The professor could well end up with a hefty bill. And all for what? These people are in a state of delusion if they cannot understand what Mother Nature has been telling us in the last few years that rising carbon dioxide emissions clearly has little to do with driving the climate. The real world observational data cannot be overridden by alarmism derived from unvalidated climate models.

  34. Kent Clizbe says:

    Cognitive Dissonance is a state of mind required for AGW faithful.

  35. Ted Wansley says:

    How does ice increase “freshen” sea water? Isn’t sea ice virtually salt free, leaving the salt to increase salinity of the water?

  36. Ivan says:

    2 hours ago. It just gets better and better:
    Aurora Australis abandons attempt to save Akademik Shokalskiy in Antarctica
    “It’s now up to us three ships [the Shokalskiy, the Aurora and the Xue Long] to agree on a [rescue] strategy,” Captain Doyle said. While the Xue Long had a helicopter onboard, it was too heavy for the Aurora’s helideck. “We also can’t use the helicopter at the moment because there is no visibility,” he said.”

  37. naim says:

    lets ask the great climatic global warming prophet Al Bore to go and help them as the penguins and the bears have lost their natural habitat. I think he will the best person to go seek them as the ice is melting away he can go in his gas guzzling air craft and pluck them off the stranded ships. Simple case solved lets all go home.

  38. TerraHertz says:

    So, they’re admitting the MV Akademik Shokalskiy will have to be abandoned, which means it will likely be crushed by ice and sunk. But they are still saying ‘sea ice is disappearing’. Hmmm…
    You know, the latter comment about ‘increasing sea ice’ directly contradicts that, and the part about ‘making the water almost fresh enough to drink’…. Either this person is incredibly stupid and ignorant of basic physics, OR he’s doing something like a prisoner winking while being forced to utter lies about how great his captors are treating him. Every oceanographer would know that as sea water freezes to the bottom of ice floes, there is excess salt remaining. This often forms dense, cold brine down-currents that are actually visible to divers.
    Or are these ice floes miraculously getting thicker while melting away?

    It’s good the Aurora’s captain wasn’t risking getting his ship stuck too.
    Currently it’s supposed to be summer in the Southern Hemisphere.

  39. Sir Thomas Macabee DeJudia says:

    LOL! White people and their adventures!!!

  40. Jason Calley says:

    I wonder how long it is before the “scientists” onboard the Shokalsky report that “lack of polar bear sightings confirms our worst fears of species collapse and imminent extinction!”


  41. Ralph Gizzip says:

    “We’re stuck in sea ice that’s disappearing!”
    They’re a special kind of stupid, aren’t they.

  42. Justa Joe says:

    Professor Turney had to push his luck (and the luck of the other stooges) and venture into the dangerous ice field because he’s got a side business selling some de-carbonization gimmick, and no doubt he needed the PR from the cruise to dove-tail with a roll out of his “product.” Any delay would not be convenient for his business model.

    Pretty cozy deal how he has the govt pay for him to create demand for his “product.” – No conflict of interest issues

  43. Justa Joe says:

    Prof Turney is Katie Hayhoe like in terms of ambition to make a buck off the climate hoax.

  44. William Speers says:

    When they mention Mawson, then say that, like him they’re ice-locked, do they mean Mawson or do they mean Shackleton? If the latter, aren’t they displaying remarkable ignorance about history that is less than a century old, and if so what does that say about their knowledge of climate trends that take centuries and millennia to become clear?

  45. Davy Stephenson says:

    Maybe Santa can relocate to the South Pole now all of his ice has gone.

    Backed by Greenpeace, who say that the cold is now the new hot.

  46. The media has grown silent about this story. It does not promote “The Cause”

  47. The reason they got stuck is the Russian owners of the ship and the Russian captain and crew get paid by the month. They got so stuck the Chinese and Australian icebreakers could not get them out. Notice the Russians aren’t sending any icebreakers out to save them. The Russians are just raking in the rubles and laughing vodka out their nose over these silly Americans and their global warming

  48. We should be using cold fusion.
    Its clean, green and since it only uses hydrogen as fuel (water) it does not release any carbon dioxide or radioactive elements.

  49. eco-geek says:

    In a few years time climate scientists won’t know what ice is!

  50. They had to take a ship through some of the 70% of the earth’s surface that is covered with water. Man does not live on the water in any large numbers. Mountains and deserts make up another large percentage of the square miles of the earth. Few people live in these areas. Yet, the money-grabbers use “science” to try to prove man is changing weather. Were you born yesterday?

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