Huffington Post : Global Warming Accelerating – Planet To Be Unlivable By 2050

Global Warming Is Rapidly Accelerating

The many scientific links in this comprehensive article about global warming, by Dahr Jamail, on December 22nd, make clear that climate change is accelerating, and that our planet will probably be unlivable by 2100, if not by 2050.

The best explanation of the process that’s occurring is in this link within one of those scientific links: “The collapse of Arctic sea ice will change the reflective properties of the Arctic from 90% reflection of the sun’s rays to a 90% absorber of the sun’s energy. A vicious cycle of Arctic warming started between twenty and thirty years ago, when currents from the Atlantic and Pacific, warmed by greenhouse gases, carried their extra heat into the Arctic to initiate an accelerating decline in sea ice and increase in Arctic temperatures.”

The global warming that was previously predicted to occur within 2,000 years, is now predicted to occur within the lifetimes of some people who are alive even today.

Global Warming Is Rapidly Accelerating | Eric Zuesse

I predict that douche bag progressives will continue to fearmonger for as long as they can get away with it.


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15 Responses to Huffington Post : Global Warming Accelerating – Planet To Be Unlivable By 2050

  1. DCM says:

    Since ice ages and warm spells have alternated for at least the last 1.5 million years and the sun is the ultimate source of our energy, maybe it’s becoming unstable and about to become a nova. The only solution would be a totalitarian collectivist world dictatorship.

  2. Gamecock says:

    Greentards ringing in the New Year “It’s worse than we thought!”

    Planet unlivable in 36 years? You couldn’t make this up; no one would believe you.

  3. Don says:

    They’ll never give up. The best we can do is to have them declared insane and put them away where they can do no harm to the rest of us. Clearly they are not in their right minds.

  4. When you reward people for writing & publishing stupid shit, you get more stupid shit.

    • gator69 says:

      And more circular references of stupid shit. Based upon the opinion of ‘Big Foot’ experts, we should be extending same sex marriage rights to those creatures by the year 2016, if not sooner.

  5. rah says:

    Notice that it is blogged under the Huff Post “Politics” section and not under “Science”. At least someone there apparently knows the appropriate place for that crap since I don’t think they have a Fiction section.

  6. Adam Gallon says:

    I’ve read better sense from Dr Seuss!

  7. catweazle666 says:

    Great stuff Puffington Host, keep up the good work, the more the merrier.

    I just hope no-one tells these nutters just how non-productive their alarmist BS has become, articles such as that win their silly cult no friends whatsoever.

  8. nigelf says:

    Quite telling how they conflate the entirely natural PDO/AMO cycles with greenhouse gasses.
    Yeah they need to be involuntarily committed to an asylum.

  9. They are blocking posts from skeptics, and accepting posts from comet chasers. This is what I posted, which they denied:

    “I disagree with you. Absolutely nothing will come of the sunlight hitting the arctic ocean, which covers 0.5% of earth’s surface, because the sunlight has an angle that is barely above the horizon. We care about the sunlight straight overhead in the tropics, which covers 40% of earths surface, and the the temperate zones, which covers most of the rest. The earth is heated by the tropics. The sunlight that hits the arctic ocean doesn’t amount to a hill of shizzle, and every time you mention it, people think you must be on drugs, or maybe you studied science under Tipper Gore, who studied under Al.”

  10. Rosco says:

    Another “Inconvenient Truth” –

    “The world record for the longest sequence of days above 100°Fahrenheit (or 37.8° on the Celsius scale) is held by Marble Bar in the inland Pilbara district of Western Australia. The temperature, measured under standard exposure conditions, reached or exceeded the century mark every day from 31 October 1923 to 7 April 1924, a total of 160 days. ”

  11. Davis Mackey says:

    They why am i pumping so much money into my 401k? Fuck it.

  12. higley7 says:

    Even if the Arctic did melt totally some summer, it would ALWAYS freeze in the winter. Solar radiation comes in at a low angle and through such a longer slice of the atmosphere that at the summer peak, solar input is 3% of direct vertical sunlight. Reflection back to space due to the water’s surface is ignored here, so it would be even less than this. And, for the other majority of the summer in the Arctic, the solar input will be between 3 and zero-% of vertical input. AND, during the Arctic winter, there is ZERO-% of vertical solar input.

    So, where do they think all of the energy is going to come front that will accomplish what they claim when there is hardly any solar energy input and none during the majority of the year. These idiots clearly have never been above the Arctic Circle or even adequately educated themselves into the region and its climate.

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