Burrowing Down Into The Climate Models

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Twitter / SteveSGoddard: @noaa incorrectly predicted …


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17 Responses to Burrowing Down Into The Climate Models

  1. catweazle666 says:

    Yes, that’s something I learned a long time ago.

    If I wanted to know what the weather was going to do, I asked a farmer.

    I did NOT bother with the Met Office.

  2. Okie says:

    Makes sense; worms are smarter than liberals

  3. Andy Oz says:

    Gaia has turned against alarmists and is making them look like clowns. They are getting desperate, angry and confused. They cannot answer simple questions.

  4. Kepler says:

    The effects that cow burps and termite farts are having on climate change pale in comparison to what earthworm-generated laughing gas is doing to our planet. No wonder the Arctic is screaming.

  5. Nick says:

    Is winter over, Stevie? My, you are quick!

  6. Andy Oz says:

    97% of comments on BOM 2013 climate report say a slightly warmer year in Australia does not prove globull worming. And the Antarctic stunt team damaged the cause tremendously. CAGW is bullshit.

  7. Bob Greene says:

    Well, the winter could average milder, but the first few weeks could be quite memorable. They have a 50:50 chance of being right on the predictions. Heads or tails, warmer or colder.

    • tom0mason says:

      As my old grandma would say of the weather forecasts –
      “There’s a 60:40 chance that 2/3 of the forecast was half right 50% of the time!”

  8. gator69 says:

    Feeling like a dung beetle?

  9. chinook says:

    Why are global warming true believes so afraid of a little, natural warming, for example, that drastically helped civilization after the LIA? Apparently, they must think that life on earth does better during ice ages and so living must have been ships(caught in ice) and giggles during the LIA.

    • gator69 says:

      “Why are global warming true believes so afraid of a little, natural warming…”

      Because they hate humanity, and warming is good for humanity.

  10. Larry Geiger says:

    Go earthworms!! I’m cheering for the worms. Good stuff. 🙂

  11. Its impossible for NOAA, the MET Office or the IPCC to predict anything which doesn’t reflect the Global Warming Agenda… when they fail, they just ignore their own predictions and move on… continuing to point at ANY normal Global Weather Event which backs their thinking… like the Philippines Typhoon, Colorado Flooding, CA Wildfires, Australia Drought, Australia hot temps…

    …While ignoreing everything SG’s posted on here.. record cold summer in Chicago, resurgence of Arctic Ice back to 1972 Levels, massive cold spell in North America right now, record low Tornado/Hurricane/Fire activity …

    Whatever, they just plain lie and simply CANNOT acknowledge “Inconvenient Truths”

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