Global Warming Means Tweeting Any Random BS Which Pops Into Your Head

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Twitter / JimHarris: Argentina in Worst Heat Wave …

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15 Responses to Global Warming Means Tweeting Any Random BS Which Pops Into Your Head

  1. Tel says:

    People die in heat waves because they can’t figure out how to drink water and sit in the shade.

    Oh, what’s that? Water shortages and electricity shortages caused by incompetent government. So CO2 now causes government screw ups. Have you got a peer reviewed paper on that?

  2. edward1968 says:

    I think I’m starting to understand how the climate change people think.
    1. The world is getting warmer, that is the undeniable truth as if God himself came down to Earth and wrote it on stone tablets with his finger.
    2. If there is proof that the world was warmer in the past then that “proof” must be ignored because the Earth IS getting warmer.
    3. If there is proof that the world is NOT getting warmer then that must also be ignored because the Earth IS GETTING WARMER.

    This is how they justify constantly, blatantly reducing the temperatures of the past. The past temperature readings MUST be wrong because there can be no debate anymore that THE WORLD IS GETTING WARMER!

    • Andy Oz says:

      Correlation with judeo Christian commandments:
      1. Thou shalt believe in one god (warming)
      2. Thou shalt not believe in any other gods (cooling)
      3. All other gods are false. Do as I say.

      CAGW is a fundamentalist like meme.

    • Hugh K says:

      Also known in psuedo-scientific circles as Mike’s Nature Trick.

  3. Fred from Canuckistan says:

    Numbers are difficult enough for Warmongers so you can’t expect them to understand advanced concepts like BIGGER and SMALLER.

  4. Don says:

    I find this part very shocking: “Heat waves were also seen in other parts of the world in 2013, including the UK and the US.”

    Oh my! Who ever heard of heat waves until now?

    At least we know where the heat is hiding, as it isn’t in the Antarctic. It is hiding in the open in summer time in Argentina. Just like some former Third Reich guys once did.

  5. henrythethird says:

    Those who ignore extreme weather events in the past are doomed to say all current extreme weather events are unprecedented.

  6. John Of Cloverdale WA, Australia says:

    The atmospheric CO2 in 1920 was much lower, so we must adjust those temperature readings to make it lower. Of course that’s nonsense, but that’s climate science. When the data don’t fit, make it fit.

  7. Baa Humbug says:

    Nobody, but nobody gets away from a Steve Goddard smack-down.
    I love it 🙂

  8. Justa Joe says:

    The AGW trolls’ favorite refrain, That’s weather not climate.

    Or maybe the global cooling is causing the heatwave due to equatorial weather patterns filling the void left by the denser cool air in southern latitudes. See, anybody can pull that BS.

  9. Sharpshooter says:

    When I hear of clowns like Harris, I have flashbacks of elementary school, mainly kids sucking up to the teacher.

    Well, that was 50+ years ago, so in a way, it makes me feel young again.

  10. Andy Oz says:

    According to the UN, Argentinian traffic accidents kill 20 people each day, disease and parasites kill 20 per day, septicaemia kills 15 per day, cancer kills 100 per day and heart attacks 150 per day. Perhaps Argentinian financial resources would be better placed in saving these lives rather than sending one peso to London to buy carbon credits.

  11. De Paus says:

    In Bangladesh at least 15 children have died because of the cold.
    But for an stupid idiot like Jim Harris that doesn’t count of course.

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