A Generation Raised By “Value-Free” Progressives

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Newtown-type mass shootings tripled in recent years: report – Washington Times

The good news is that they learned in school to save the planet from global warming.

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10 Responses to A Generation Raised By “Value-Free” Progressives

  1. catweazle666 says:

    Now, now, Steven.

    Not being judgmental, are you?

  2. gator69 says:

    You forgot one…

  3. Kent Clizbe says:


    Don’t believe for a second that Politically Correct Progressives’ belief system is “value-free.”

    That is just the language they used in their destruction of Normal-American values.

    Their values are very clear. They believe that America is a racist, sexist, homophobic, foreigner-hating, imperialist, capitalist hell-hole. And it must be changed.

    This is an insidious and powerful belief system. It leads inexorably to an elevated self-worth (“I’m better than all those nasty mouth-breathing bitter clingers.”). It also leads, at its logical conclusion to extermination of the bitter clingers.

    It’s not so amazing that some kids brought up in America’s self-loathing PC-Progressive culture act out on the implicit messages they’re taught. What’s really amazing is that they don’t do it more often.

    The Boston bomber, Dzokhar, is another great example. He was raised on the PC-Prog curriculum of Howard Zinn, and the worship of Norma-America-hater Hollywood Matt Damon.

    “Younger brother Dzhokhar graduated from the celebrated Boston high school Cambridge Rindge and Latin School (CRLS). A graduate of CRLS has had years of anti-American claptrap crammed down his throat.

    “The media has widely quoted retired CRLS teacher Larry Aaronson’s shocked reminiscences about Dzhokhar. Aaronson told The Boston Globe, “This is a progressive town, the People’s Republic, and how could this be in our midst?

    “I’m at a loss. I’m at a total and complete loss.”

    “Well, Larry might start looking at his own classroom handiwork. Aaronson is an acolyte of the raving, America-hating, deceased “revisionist historian” Howard Zinn.”

    Read Latest Breaking News from Newsmax.com http://www.newsmax.com/Newsfront/rush-boston-bombers/2013/04/24/id/501161#ixzz2pRvRsHiF
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    • TOM SERVO says:

      I did no know Dzhokhar was a fan of Jason Bourne. Maybe that was why he and his brother were able to evade the bomb-sniffing dogs and Blackwater operatives seen at the scene just prior to the explosions in Boston, or rob that 7-11 and then magically erase the entire event from existence.

      • Kent Clizbe says:

        Matt Damon is a graduate of Dzokhar’s high school, Cambridge Rindge and Latin School (CRLS). The history teacher, Larry Aaronson, is a fan of Howard Zinn’s profoundly anti-American approach to American history.

        Aaronson and Damon both celebrate Zinn and push the PC-Progressive “America is a villian” line very hard.

        Here’s Aaronson’s celebration of Zinn’s sordid life, including citing Damon’s celebration of Zinn:


        Forget Bourne. The real Matt Damon is much more dangerous.

  4. Don says:

    Wait’ll you see what they have in store for the NYC school system. DeBlasio, the newly sworn in mayor, and self admitted ‘Progressive’, named a real fellow traveler as schools chancellor. She promptly announced the schools would be set on a Progressive path. Math and science have a ‘progressive’ nature? We know what this woman intends.

    • Kent Clizbe says:


      No need to wait. PC-Progressives have controlled American public education for nearly 80 years. They’ve been content to veil their agenda for the last 50 or so. But the results are clear to see in America’s standing in the world’s tables of academic achievement.

      The father of Politically Correct Progressive education, Dr George S. Counts, of Columbia University’s Teachers College, is revered and studied carefully in schools of Education today.

      Counts’ address to the Progressive Education convention, in 1932, tells you all you need to know:

      “Changes in our economic system will, of course, require changes in our ideals. …we live in an economy which, in its function, is fundamentally coöperative. There merely remains the task of reconstructing our economic forms and of reformulating our social ideals so that they may be in harmony with the underlying facts of life. The man who would live unto himself alone is now a public enemy; the day of individualism in the economic sphere is gone.”

      “You will say, no doubt, that I am flirting with the idea of indoctrination. And my answer is again in the affirmative. Or, at least, I should say that the word does not frighten me.”


      • gator69 says:

        Counts was desperately trying to regain a Progressive strangle hold in 1932 , as a year later Prohibition was history. Prohibition was won through generations of Progressive infiltration of our schools, which began in the mid nineteenth century and ended in 1919. These snakes are far older, and far more dangerous than most people realize, and they will stop at nothing.

  5. Andy Oz says:

    Pop quiz: What do global warming alarmists and arsonists have in common?
    Answer: They both are desperate for the world to burn.

  6. Louis Hooffstetter says:

    The main characteristic these people have in common is severe mental illness.

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