Global Warming Bringing Monster Bunnies To My Parents’ Backyard In New Mexico

ScreenHunter_17 Jan. 04 07.57

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12 Responses to Global Warming Bringing Monster Bunnies To My Parents’ Backyard In New Mexico

  1. Kepler says:

    You knew this was coming. Sorta reminds me of genius climate scientists who perceive no danger because they are oblivious to real science.

  2. mkelly says:

    If they show a white tail they must be cotton tails.

  3. Ragtag Media says:

    What’s that in the foreground, a carbon induced gigantic tadpole?

  4. salgak says:

    Not just the night, but the ERA of the Lepus. . .

  5. gator69 says:

    It appears your parents have run across either 2 female jackalopes, or males that shed their antlers…

  6. CoRev says:

    City Boy! Gator69 has it scoped out. Hope they procreate and grow large antlers. IIRC all Jackalopes are antlered. Its how we make the final determination.

  7. Eric Simpson says:

    huge rabbits!

    I saw one of those things while hiking in the hills above Big Bear. About 100 feet away I heard and saw what had the color and ~ size of a coyote. Then I said, holy cr@p, that’s a .. massive .. RABBIT! Or “hare,” whatever. Huge! So i got home and googled the images I linked to above … as I wanted to make sure that I wasn’t going Alice in Wonderland mad hatter crazy.

  8. Shazaam says:

    Around here they are fondly referred to as “freezer meat”.

  9. nomoregore says:

    My location isn’t as rural, but I have 3 in my yard most days. A doe and two fawns. I leave them alone. Pleasant to watch, but they present a little danger if you freak them out, particularly the bucks.

  10. TOM SERVO says:


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