NASA And NOAA Data Tampering Makes Legitimate Climate Science Impossible

Because NASA and NOAA erase the past, all evaluations of historical climate vs temperature are completely meaningless.


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10 Responses to NASA And NOAA Data Tampering Makes Legitimate Climate Science Impossible

  1. D. Self says:

    Damn them to data hell

  2. Andy Oz says:

    The only way to stop the data fraud is to subpoena the heads of NASA and NOAA in a class action court case against say either higher energy prices or against a carbon tax.
    Put them on the stand and ask some simple questions: maybe something like “Has your organisation downwardly adjusted historical temperature records?”
    If they say no, start a perjury action against the individual.
    If they say yes, demand their resignations and pillory them in the media, and claim damages.
    Of course there are too many vested interests for this to happen, but using the system against the fraudsters is likely the most effective way.

  3. gator69 says:

    “…striking the Earth with hammers to “REMOULD IT NEARER TO THE HEART’S DESIRE,”

  4. Jason Calley says:

    Steven, you are absolutely correct on this. The “adjustments” are of the same order of magnitude as the supposed trends. We literally cannot say what the temperature trends are. We may have provisional opinions, we may make educated guesses — but the data has been so compromised that we cannot make statements of certainty. This is the real crime of these so-called “scientists.” The have committed the one unforgivable sin against science, they have lied about the data.

    Your blog here is the most active and consistent of any I know of when it comes to pointing out the fraudulent data manipulation. Many other sites may point out errors in interpretation, errors in predictions, errors in attribution, but even if all those factors were correct we will never have the truth unless the starting data is correct.

    Thank you!

  5. I agree, but I also point out, illegitimate climate “science” came first, and gave rise to the data tampering; the latter is just a symptom of the obvious degeneracy we now can observe in all of our “authoritative” institutions (particularly the political, which have crossed the line into tyrannical institutions). I discussed this mess in my March 2013 article, “The System Is Broken: Incompetent Science And Insane Politics”. As I concluded in that article, “The majority of voices you gather information from, particularly the mainstream media (but even the “lukewarm skeptics” in the climate debates), are incompetently and/or fraudulently pretending the system is working as it should–but it is not, and reality and recognition of the objective, scientific truth were the first victims in the war. You cannot stop the insanity if you will not recognize it as insanity, if people will not recognize the system is broken.”

    Legitimate climate science will require a new general recognition of the truth of the Standard Atmosphere as defining the actual, stable equilibrium state of the troposphere, which I confirmed with my November 2010 Venus/Earth temperatures comparison (which also disproved–with the unarguable physical fact of two detailed planetary atmospheres–the entire consensus theory, of both the “greenhouse effect” and the radiative transfer theory that is used to support it). It will also require confronting and accepting the fact that the atmosphere is fundamentally warmed by direct absorption of incident solar infrared radiation, not by heat from the planetary surface; this of course is obvious for the planets in the solar system with massive atmospheres and thick cloud covers, for which little or no solar radiation even reaches the surface to heat it.

  6. kuhnkat says:

    Don’t tell Wubbie (WebHubTelescope) over at Judith Curry’s. It will completely devastate him that all his statistical manipulation of adjusted data is useless.

    Or not…. Alarmists don’t really care about facts, just their agenda.

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