Urgent Request For Midwest And Eastern Progressives

With record cold coming, it is imperative that climate lovers do not use any fossil fuels or burning wood to keep warm. Climate experts tell us these fuels cause life-threatening warming.

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4 Responses to Urgent Request For Midwest And Eastern Progressives

  1. Andy Oz says:

    Shock news: Alarmists find missing heat in the Arctic. Must have been hidden in walrus farts.

  2. Rosco says:

    Meanwhile after the Russian Government decides to release the Greenpeace protestors the Australian Government is hatching a plan to demand restitution for the taxpayer dollars expended to provide support by Australian authorities to the Australian members of the protest held by the Ruskies.

    Such a tactic – causing financial loss to businesses subject ti protest action by injunction etc is a long standing tactic of green protest groups.

    With the Australian Government considering presenting Greenpeace with a bill for hundreds of thousands of dollars for the Australians who deliberately and negligently placed themselves in harms way a new precedent may be set – same financial tactics – different perspectives.

  3. Bob Greene says:

    I’m sure during this period of unprecedented extreme weather brought on by unprecedented global warming we will all make the appropriate sacrifices to save the planet. Of course, the elite will be working diligently to see that we make those sacrifices. Their need of additional energy during this time of climate crisis is only so they can adequately fight for our future. Our dear leader is making the ultimate sacrifice by going to the farthest reaches of the country and fighting climate change from the Pacific. That should be enough to warm our hearts.

  4. rah says:

    Me and most of my friends agree. At about 01:00 on Monday morning all progressives should show their commitment to their climate change ideology by stepping outside, getting naked, and taking a cold shower. I’m not sure what that would do to the climate but it sure would help the environment for many of us and do many us a lot of good.

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