Important Historical Find

Dave Burton has located the original National Academy of Sciences 1975 temperature graph, on page 148 of this report.

ScreenHunter_15 Jan. 05 08.26

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23 Responses to Important Historical Find

  1. X says:

    This graph is remarkably similar to the following one for the N. Pole region,

    therefore one can say that they refer to the same “reality”, world’s temperatures during the XX century with the NP reflecting the general trends of the NH, while the recent GISS estimates show no resemblance at all with with HadCRUT4.
    Either people didn’t know to measure temperatures 40 years ago (and previously) or GISS is a fabrication.
    I convinced the latter is true.

  2. gator69 says:

    Why is anyone surprised? Progressives have been revising history for over a century.

    • I guarantee, the comet chasers of the next generation will claim that there was never a global warming scare. They will say “that’s a myth made up by the methane clathrate deniers.”

  3. Bob F says:

    Wow that is a real gold mine!

    Correctly OCR’d and everything. The following snippet caught me eye:

    “During the global warming of the first part of this century, for example, the average length of the growing season in England (as measured by the duration of temperatures above 42 °F) increased by two to three weeks and during the more recent cooling trend since the 1940’s has undergone a comparable shortening (Davis, 1972).”

    This is the warming that has been completely airbrushed out of the historical climate record.

  4. David, UK says:

    Looks like a 100-year cycle, although in isolation who knows.

  5. RealOldOne2 says:

    Great find! I’ve been searching for this for ~4 yrs since I first saw the 1974 CIA report. I had only been able to find brief quotes from the report.
    Thanks to Dave Burton & to Steve for making it available!
    Important source to expose the warmists’ historical revisionism & ‘cleansing’ of data that doesn’t fit their meme. As others have said, their corruption of past measured data is a real dis-service to science, as it becomes useless to try to validate hypotheses, since the past data no longer represents what was measured.

  6. leftymartin says:

    Huge thanks for finding and posting this – I have been looking for it for a long time. A fabulous baseline to use to demonstrate how climate science has mutated (or, should I say, been mutilated) in the great warmist crusade.

  7. Phil Jones says:

    Another Great Find!!

    Over on Huff Po they are claiming Record Heat for 2013 plus Record Cold… Throw in one Big Typhoon in the Philippines and that bolsters “Climate Change” in their narrow view… NO Historical Context provided… That’s part of the problem… These folks only know what their told by $$ corrupt Authorities and they have NO IDEA about Climate History like the extreme heat and cold of the 30’s…

    Total garbage thinking… But now… Alas I’ve been banned from Progressive Sites… No “Inconvenient Truths” allowed!!

    • rw says:

      How, exactly, does one get record cold from an enhanced greenhouse effect? Does CO2 slosh around more when there’s more of it? Or bunch up in one place, so it’s cold everywhere else? (And at this point they can’t use the Open Arctic Explanation that they latched onto last year.)
      And where was this Record Heat? Other than a somewhat warmer July over on this side of the Atlantic – after a very cold Jan-May – I certainly didn’t notice it. (And, as I recall, the US had a fairly cool summer.) When you’re a warmist, apparently, the remembered past grows ever shorter.

      In the spirit of all those predictions of when the Arctic will be ice-free, it might be worthwhile predicting how long they can keep this up. I would say that the madness can’t last beyond this decade, but that it won’t collapse before 2016.

      • gator69 says:

        rw, you really need to keep up with the science.

        Increased CO2 causes heat to go and hide at the bottom of the oceans, where it waits for an opportunity to strike children in the future.

        And obviously you did not read about the unprecedented heat wave experienced by Atlantis last year, it nearly boiled!

  8. Sparks says:


  9. Comet chasers will just say this data is old or that it’s wrong. They just like to deny things.

  10. Tel says:

    One of the favourite arguments of the warmists is that the *rate* of modern warming is unusual.

    Well, in the chart above I can see a rate of about 0.13 degrees C per decade from 1880 to 1940 and that’s over 60 years so officially that would be regarded as “climate change”. In comparison the official warming from 1990 to 2010 is very close to 0.3 degrees C in two decades, or 0.15 degrees C per decade.

  11. Andy Oz says:

    Wonderful result.

    March 4, 1963 – big weather pattern changes recorded by JMA.
    “Lowest air pressure in tens of thousands of years for this area..”

  12. Dmac says:

    When are you going to post full graphs, rather than snippets of ones that mislead people? If you look at any graph that goes past the 1960’s you’ll see that the dip in temperature seen in your post reverses.

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