UAH Also Cooling America’s Past

No one is going to accuse John Christy or Roy Spencer of being climate alarmists, but UAH temperatures have also significantly cooled the past over the last ten years.

ScreenHunter_07 Jan. 05 06.54

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9 Responses to UAH Also Cooling America’s Past

  1. A C Osborn says:

    Some of those “Adjustments” are rather large aren’t they.
    I wonder what the reasoning is behind them, I know they degradation issues, but surely they should be basically small and in one direction?

  2. gator69 says:

    “Of the $97.3 million, Vaughn said about 67 percent came from Department of Defense research and 24 percent from NASA research. And only about $200,000 is tied to construction expenses, Vaughn said.”

    “You cannot tell the difference between a NASA employee and a UAH employee working on NASA problems at Cramer Hall. I think that’s the mark of a true success story and true customer satisfaction when you have that kind of relationship.”

    “The UAHuntsville Earth System Science Program is located in Cramer Hall, also known as the National Space Science and Technology Center (NSSTC). NSSTC is a shared research facility between UAHuntsville, NASA, and the National Weather Service (NWS). As such, there are a wide range of unique opportunities for students to get involved in geospatial and remote sensing applications in Earth Sciences. UAHuntsville’s Earth System Science Program has a total of 37 GIS & RS computers with powerful state-of-the-art GIS and Image Processing software in two main labs, all available to University students and researchers.”

    • Dave N says:

      Yeah, but GISS is in New York, pretty much right in the middle of the heat island. Perhaps they should move to Alabama, too.

  3. Ben says:

    Once UAH trend read higher than RSS, the team kept their mouths shut. Then Christy showed that UAH was closer to the radiosonde data than RSS, and the trend was adjusted back down.

    The diurnal drift adjustment was the biggie, in 2005.

    UAH adjustments and effect on trend are below.

    UAH version Main adjustment Trend correction Year
    D Orbital decay 0.10 1998
    D Removal of dependence
    of time variations of
    hot target temperature -0.07 1998
    5.0 Non-linear diurnal correction 0.008 2003
    5.1 Tightened criteria for data acceptance -0.004 2004
    5.2 Correction of diurnal drift adjustment 0.035 2005
    5.3 Annual cycle correction 0 2009
    5.4 New annual cycle 0 2010

  4. Stephen Richards says:

    Roy is not an alarmist but he is a massive supporter of CO² global warming.

  5. Rosco says:

    “No one is going to accuse John Christy or Roy Spencer of being climate alarmists …”

    Roy Spencer is one of the most passionate defenders of the “greenhouse effect” and regularly writes that radiation from cold objects causes thermal heating effects in warmer objects.

    I do not claim better knowledge about the “greenhouse effect” but I can prove radiation from cold objects does not cause an increase in the temperature of a warmer object.

    Roy absolutely believes in that pseudoscience – the “Steel Greenhouse” – where something with energy capable of maintaining it at minus 18 C suddenly heats up to plus 30 C when you fit a close fitting radiation shield to it – he sent me an email with an Excel spread sheet to prove it.

    I for one do not believe this for one minute – neither I think would the Apollo 13 astronauts who were trapped in an underpowered spacecraft with radiation shields at about 4 C – they certainly were not breaking out the sunscreen and Bermuda shorts.

  6. kuhnkat says:

    I always get a laugh when Dr. Spencer assures us that their calibration is against a fixed brightness that has nothing to do with surface temps. He forgets to mention the numerous adjustments and problems with the actual brightness measurements extraneous to the brightness benchmark!!!

  7. Andy Oz says:

    I expect the data for this chart to be adjusted in the near future. It is becoming inconvenient.

  8. Andy Oz says:

    Monash University scientist announce Global Cooling (not Warming) causes more severe storms and does not win the Nobel Prize.

    “Tropical oceans have warmed by about 0.15 K decade−1 since the 1970s, but the stratosphere has cooled anywhere from 0.3 to over 1 K decade−1, depending on the dataset. Therefore, global PI trends in recent decades appear to have been driven more by stratospheric cooling than by surface warming.”

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