NSA And IRS Keyphrase For Today “Robert Gates”

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6 Responses to NSA And IRS Keyphrase For Today “Robert Gates”

  1. BobW in NC says:

    Should be interesting…at least for a minute or two.

    Both the White House (WH: Hey, who doesn’t like and respect Joe Biden?; http://hotair.com/archives/2014/01/08/wh-hey-who-doesnt-like-and-respect-joe-biden/) and news media (CNN panel makes up facts to defend Obama from Gates criticism; (http://dailycaller.com/2014/01/08/cnn-panel-makes-up-facts-to-defend-obama-from-gates-criticism/) are circling the wagons at least for the vice president.

    As far as everything else goes in terms of impact? Throw a pebble into Lake Michigan and watch how the ripples affect the shore…

    • Mike D says:

      The VP stuff is attempted deflection since no one cares at all about that. They’re trying to put the discussion on that versus the main players.

  2. nomoregore says:

    Gates’ entire family can expect lifetime audits I should think….

  3. omanuel says:

    There is some validity to your humor, but ultimately coincidence [1] always exposes reality [2]:

    1. Einstein’s and Aston’s discoveries in 1905-1922 of “powers beyond the dreams of scientific fiction’” [3] were selfishly used to kill, or threaten to kill, the inhabitants or leaders of other nations in 1945-1968.

    2. Frightened world leaders agreed in 1971-1972 to

    a.) Save themselves
    b.) Sacrifice the integrity of science and
    c.) Constitutional limits on governments, and
    d.) Enslave their citizens by giving them street drugs, anti-depressants, psychotropic drugs, legalized marijuana, alcohol, reality TV, gladiator sports, video games, pornography, gambling casinos, etc., etc, ad infinitum !

    3. See: Last paragraph of Aston’s 1922 Nobel Lecture:

    Click to access aston-lecture.pdf

    2. See: A Journey to the Core of the Sun – Acceptance of Reality

    1. See: A Journey to the Core of the Sun – Coincidence

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