Jimmy “Death Trains” Carter Wanted To Drown The Planet

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Coal, Carbon Dioxide and Climate – View Article – NYTimes.com


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4 Responses to Jimmy “Death Trains” Carter Wanted To Drown The Planet

  1. Jean-Paul says:

    Hello Steven,
    when did the NYTimes publish this article, please?
    Thank you by advance.

  2. Bob Greene says:

    So, we’ve had 34 years into the prediction of 20 feet sea level rise. So, it’s come up about 3.8′ since 1977?

  3. Rosco says:

    I remember 1977 well.

    To fill my R90S bike with petrol cost me around 17 cents a litre. Our rent was $30 per week.

    A group of young guys riding motorcycles living together today in Queensland would see us locked up for association – apparently a crime under our new fascist State government.

    Today petrol costs about $1.50 a litre and it is virtually impossible to rent a house for less than $400 per week.

    So the rare commodity – petrol – has increased by less than a factor of ten while housing – a commodity which can be as plentiful as society chooses – exceeds the factor of ten.

    What does this prove ?

    Not much except that the price of petrol has not increased in line with the doom and gloom predictions despite the certain fact that global usage today far exceeds global usage in the 70’s.

    The oil price shock of the early 70’s – supposedly driven by the realisation the world was running out of oil – was clearly a fraud !!

    Sound familiar ??

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