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Shock News : In 1977, Some Experts Actually Knew What They Were Talking About

The Great Guessing Game – Will California Drought Enter 3d Year? – View Article – NYTimes.com

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Ancient SUV’s Caused A 220 Year Drought In California

Severe Ancient Droughts: A Warning to California – New York Times

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The Press Says That Dennis Rodman Is Crazy

By DAVID E. SANGER Published: October 19, 1994 President Clinton approved a plan today to arrange more than $4 billion in energy aid to North Korea during the next decade in return for a commitment from the country’s hard-line Communist … Continue reading

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1977 Spontaneous YouTube Protest

In 1977, the Carter Administration uncovered a Libyan plot to kill our ambassador to Egypt. To Save the Next Natasha Simpson – NYTimes.com

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Jimmy Carter : World To Run Out Of Oil By 2010

Carter’s Oil Problem – View Article – NYTimes.com

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Basic Physics For Climate Morons

Energy flow is driven by differences in energy. Rocks fall from high potential energy to low potential energy Electricity flows between negative and positive Heat flows from warm places to cold places Wind blows from high pressure to low pressure … Continue reading

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Hockey Stick Finally Located

Another energy milestone: The US was the world’s largest petroleum producer in September for the 11th straight month | AEIdeas

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Obama Science Adviser Says That A Warmer Arctic Means A Colder Arctic

Holdren points out that temperatures in the Arctic have been rising at about double the pace of temperatures at the mid-latitudes, where the continental United States lies. And he cites research that theorizes the shrinking difference between the Arctic temperatures … Continue reading

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No Warming In The Northern Hemisphere Since 1866

The graph below merges the 2002 Version Of GISS 1866-1882 NH temperatures, the 1975 National Academy of Sciences 1882-1970 NH temperatures, and RSS 1979-2014 NH temperatures. There have been two cooling periods and two warming periods since 1866, with almost … Continue reading

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