Christmas 2010, Scottish Wind Farms Shut Down Due To Cold

27 December  2010

SCOTLAND’S wind farms are unable to cope with the freezing weather conditions – grinding to a halt at a time when electricity demand is at a peak

‘Green’ Scotland relying on French nuclear power – The Scotsman

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8 Responses to Christmas 2010, Scottish Wind Farms Shut Down Due To Cold

  1. gator69 says:

    OT – More proof of global warming…

    “The biggest cargo for these lakers: iron ore, coal, heating oil and grain,” Henry said. “They pretty much come and service all the Great Lakes, coming through the Soo Locks and then heading either to Lake Erie or Lake Michigan.”

    The Coast Guard said it was the earliest the ice had frozen here since the 1930s, and the river connecting Lakes Superior and Huron has been some of the toughest ice they have seen. With cutting through ice, the noise is loud and constant.”

  2. gator69 says:

    St. Louis’ record low for January 9th is -16, from 1875. Their record high for January 9th is 65, from 1876. Good thing Team Climate was not in control back then, or they would have taxed riverboats into oblivion.

  3. Bob Knows says:

    Why does that say “Christmas 2010?” The Scotsman article is dated January 10, 2014.

  4. Bob Knows says:

    A while ago I read a story from Chicago that the prayer wheels (wind turbins) in Illinois had supplied less than 2% of claimed capacity during their peak demand. Over there, over here, the prayer wheels only work when you don’t need them.

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