Almost 16 Feet Of Snow So Far This Winter In Steamboat Springs, Colorado

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University of Colorado climate experts say that skiing is doomed in Colorado

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9 Responses to Almost 16 Feet Of Snow So Far This Winter In Steamboat Springs, Colorado

  1. Billy N.Z. says:

    I can see the steam coming off their skis.

  2. Steve Keohane says:

    That’s quite a bit. Wolf Creek is only 145″ so far, they average 480″ annually.

  3. theyouk says:

    This is so tragic. Only 16 feet of champagne powder for the aspen glades of Twilight…so sad.

    I lived in a coal-heated house in Steamboat during most of the El Nino winter of 1987. We didn’t get any substantial snow until the end of the season–while Mammoth got crushed. It was a horrible avalanche season in CO. Now I live in northern CA and we are staring at a drought. El Nino, please pay us a visit again. (And Jerry Brown, if you absolutely must spend our money on big-ticket items, you may want yo ditch high speed rail in favor of desalination plants for SoCal).

  4. gator69 says:

    Have you tried skiing in 16 feet of snow? 😉

  5. Billy Liar says:

    University of Colorado-Boulder geography professor Mark Williams said Monday that the resorts should be in fairly good shape the next 25 years, but after that there will be less snowpack — or no snow at all — at the base areas, and the season will be shorter because snow will accumulate later and melt earlier.

    Looks like he’ll be safely retired before anything bad happens.

  6. Ben says:

    RE: “Climate change may force skiers uphill”

    No skier is forced uphill. We get in the ski-lift voluntarily.

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