Climate Alarmists’ Worst Nightmare

Old thick ice filled up the Beaufort Sea during 2013.

Alarmists have been telling us how important this ice is, and now that it has happened they are in angry denial. Shouldn’t they be happy?


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10 Responses to Climate Alarmists’ Worst Nightmare

  1. jerry says:

    warmunists are never happy

  2. norilsk says:

    Hey mom, can we go skating now? The ice is thick enough.

  3. gregole says:

    I keep forgetting why we care about ice-extent, (except to mock the fools and suckers for CAGW) so I Googled ” importance of Arctic sea-ice just to see what catastrophes we are now avoiding since Arctic sea-ice is up; way up, and likely to be up this summer as well. (Though that one is a tough call… we’ll see.)

    Written in 2012 “reporting” on the terrible, terrible Arctic Ice melt.

    Just so you don’t need to give this moron-of-a-blog any hits, here is my summary of his 7-Reasons:

    1. It reflects sunlight
    Albedo, tipping points, blah blah blah
    2. It influences ocean currents
    Thermohaline cycle (Oh No! Not that! Whatever that is).
    3. It insulates the air
    No comment.
    4. It keeps methane at bay
    (I’m not making this up!)
    5. It limits severe weather
    Really, it does. Except more ice also causes severe weather… or does it? (refer to Polar Vortex).
    6. It supports native populations
    Nice picture of, I suppose, an Inuit on a snowmobile towing a string of trailers – the last trailer is carrying his gas-cans. Kind of poetic in a fossil-fuel kind of way.
    7. It supports native wildlife
    Photo of “cute” polar bears out on a chunk of ice.

    OK. Here’s the 2013 big Arctic ice increase follow up – brought to you by me, Gregole:

    1. Great! Our albedo is doing quite well this year. All that Man-Made CO2 and it’s heating, suffocating, greenhouse effect rolled snake-eyes this year. I feel better; don’t you? It’s like, better now. Isn’t it?
    2. Ocean currents must be getting better too this year; I mean, more ice = better themohaline. Or something.
    3. That air is right back to being insulated; and that just has to be a good thing for Gaia and her polar creatures.
    4. Down damn Methane, down I say!
    5. Severe weather – hmm… little bit ‘o ice; severe weather; lots ‘o ice, polar vortex… there seems to be a broken connection in our logic here. We just can’t win! Oh well!
    6. Native populations – I can’t weigh in here – I don’t know if they like more ice or less ice. so call it a tossup.
    7. Ice supports wildlife. Great. If true. Just keep those ravenous eating machines (polar bears) away from me!

    I count 5 definite pluses, one no-win, and one tossup. The world is just getting better. (The gas-cans were a nice touch!)

    • geran says:

      Well done!

    • Marian says:

      And of course.

      The Scumbags in Greenpeace are showing those save the Polar Bear TV ads from GW and melting Ice in the Arctic down here in NZ again. That virtual polar bear wandering the streets of London.

      Despite the fact it winter in the NH and the Arctic is quite nicely frozen over for the most part.

      Trying to cash in on the gullible who don’t know any difference between the 2 hemispheres, Since it’s our summer here I suppose?

  4. Reblogged this on Power To The People and commented:
    If Alarmist’s Theory In Global Warming Is Disproven They Would Have To Come Up With Another Reason To Shaft The Poor.

  5. Bob Koss says:

    OT, but something for when someone in the future cites 2005 as being worst.

    I just discovered the NHC completed tropical cyclone reanalysis of the 1930s this past summer and 1933 has dethroned 2005 for the record of highest seasonal ACE. They now show an ACE of 259 for 1933 vs 250 for 2005. Looks like they also added a couple points to 2005. Previously 1933 ACE was 213. They dropped some wimp storms, discovered a couple others, and raised many of the wind speeds by up to 20 knots. I must have slept through the week of the media frenzy noting the change.

    Here is a link to their latest values.

  6. MrX says:

    This is one thing I hate about the alarmists. I want warmer climate and they’re taking all the celebration out of it. We’re in a colder period than at almost any time in the past 10,000 years of this interglacial. The only reason people can live in warmer climate is because humans have had 10,000 years of warmer climate to develop the technology to live there.

    About the polar ice cap, there’s no land there. It doesn’t matter one bit if it all melts and it’d actually be a good thing if it melted. It won’t make the sea level rise (again, because there is no land underneath) and an ice cap indicates we are still in an age. So eventually, the interglacial will come back and these alarmists are worried about warming?

  7. MrX says:

    That should have been “live in colder climate”, not warmer.

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