Award Winning Global Warming Photography

I call this one “Goose Poop On Mann-Made Polar Vortex Trapped Missing Heat Ice

ScreenHunter_1607 Jan. 12 13.43

This one is called “Twin CO2 And CH4 Producing Sons Of Different Bitches

ScreenHunter_1608 Jan. 12 13.46

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11 Responses to Award Winning Global Warming Photography

  1. Dan says:

    Fixed frozen fox in Norway:

    Fixed frozen frog in Norway:

  2. Bill says:

    You should seek NEA funding.

  3. Bruce of Newcastle says:

    Some nice visualisations here. I especially like the last one which shows Canada lynx are climate sceptics.

    I’m actually being quite serious: if lynx follow the solar cycle, why doesn’t climate?

    It does, of course….if IPCC people ever got their heads out of the orifices of their climate models they might notice reality once in a while.

  4. NikFromNYC says:

    Are you hiding Yoda in your possession, now, finally, blissfully, constitutionally? Or did you finally get high? Good for you.

    “Throughout history, poverty is the normal condition of man. Advances which permit this norm to be exceeded — here and there, now and then — are the work of an extremely small minority, frequently despised, often condemned, and almost always opposed by all right-thinking people. Whenever this tiny minority is kept from creating, or (as sometimes happens) is driven out of a society, the people then slip back into abject poverty. This is known as “bad luck.”” – Robert Heinlein

    “If you are one of those who believe that modern art has surpassed Vermeer and Raphael, don’t read this book, just go right on in your blissful idiocy.” – Salvador Dali (50 Secrets Of Magic Craftsmanship, 1948)

    • methylamine says:

      That Heinlein quote is fantastic.
      it frightens me how ignorant people are of this truth–that prosperity and freedom are incredibly rare and fragile occurrences in world history.

  5. Bill S says:

    The only time I see those dogs is when they are hip deep in snow.

  6. Andy Oz says:

    I’m impressed. And I read today that Americans have become cold weather wimps!
    I see no evidence of that, at least at a canine level.

  7. Gareth says:

    Your posts are being copied and pasted with “Written by Amego Sando” added to them. Like this:

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